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  1. BeBe

    SH A GH A Y E GH

    Anyways, back to the real topic...In Shaghayegh's myspace she has some new pics up...this is one of them ;)
  2. BeBe

    SH A GH A Y E GH

    Vaghan in "Niloofar" khanoom bikarehaa. LOL! Niloofar joon you emailed this essay about your obsession about Shaghayegh in my myspace and like 6 of my other friends. I think we all told you the EXACT same thing Sh82nak joon told you and we blocked you, Anyways, I agree with EVERY SINGLE THING Sh82nak jan said and everyone else, except you. So that must mean somthing. Anyways I say stop with all this jealousy and the bullshit about shaghayegh having "surgery" or whatever else you mentioned in your novel that i didn't have the time to read, we all saw her baby pictures and she looks the exact same thing. So i take it she had sergury when she was 1 years old? lol! Just face the fact that there is NOTHING you can do about her being famous/beautiful or whatever else she has thats killing you. The only thing you can do is deal with it, or drop dead (literally). And about your "concert" story, i couldnt stop laughing at that bullshit, if you're gonna make somthing up, make somthing up thats believable! well anyways hunny, I say do somthing useful with your life, and instead of dieing over someone elses success, make yourself a 'somebody', so you wont have to be "bekaar" and go on EVERY SINGLE website and talk about someone that is clearly burning you in some strange way...someone you dont even know. P.S. That picture ur using is NOT you, i found out who the person was and reported it to them. So dont mess with ppls life like that "Niloofar" jan ;) Good Luck in your life aziz. Bebe joon ;)
  3. BeBe

    Is Sacha Baron Cohen half Iranian?

    well technically depends how far back his mother is iranian...the iranian could have died out (impossible for iranian to die out ) LOL!!!!!!!! omg, i watched his movie like 3 times, and every single time, DIED laughing!! I LOVE HIM, hes reallllllly good!!
  4. BeBe

    SH A GH A Y E GH

    Shaghayegh finally has a MySpace now!!! :DD and its actually herself this time not some stupid faker :punishing_wft: she got new and fu***ing beautiful pics :k http://www.myspace.com/claudialynx
  5. BeBe

    Kamran and Hooman

    ya i saw it! it was an ok video. the girls looked the EXACT same though. at first i got confused because i thought it was one girl that they were both with LOL! but then i realized it was different ppl (the girls were pretty ugly though (they could have picked better) but the video was cute besides all that. :clap2:
  6. BeBe

    Fresh rumors about B. Spears

    LOL! you guys are killin me! she doesnt have a twin, but she has this younger sister that looks very much like her. they're definitely NOT twins, there is like a 10 year age difference between them.
  7. BeBe

    SH A GH A Y E GH

    god shes so beautiful. thanx for the ax Pourya joooooooooon!
  8. BeBe

    Comments on new iranian releases

    i couldnt agree more!
  9. BeBe

    Mehrdad vs Toofun

    i cant staaaaand mehrdad!! :punishing_wft: so i vote Toofun hahahhaha!
  10. BeBe

    Susan Roshan vs. Shaghayegh

    Vallah ini keh man didam Ramona jan, kilu kilu arayesh dasht va hatta buyeh range muhash ham mi umad. Man ba arayesheh khanuma mokhalef nistam vali khob har chi ye haddi dareh... in yeki engari saresh ro kardeh boud touyeh ghutieh rang hayeh mokhtalef . kheyli bamazeyi siamak
  11. BeBe

    SH A GH A Y E GH

    Siamak joon, I loveeeee your signature!!!!!! is that your license plate?! HAHAHAHAHAAHH!! kheylyyyy bahale! :dance_baby_wft: I showed my sisters and they died laughing!!
  12. BeBe

    Susan Roshan vs. Shaghayegh

    Susan?? you cant even compare them! :haha: (no affence to any susan fans) but its like comparing Angelina Jolie to Courtney Love :haha: as you may have guessed i voted Shaghayegh (angelina, lol)
  13. BeBe

    Kamran vs. Hooman

    I AGREEEEEEEE 1 MILLION %!!! you cant judge people like that..mybe he was having a bad night? or mybe kamran is a suck up but mahsa joon, its not just one day, whoever thats met them has said that about them including me... or else i wouldnt judge
  14. BeBe

    SH A GH A Y E GH

    HAHAHAHAHHAH! baba goftim yek chizi hastim vala! :DD