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  1. jwright

    World Cup 2010

    Cheers guys Spain has won the FIFA Wrold Cup 2010. But all the players were fantastic and have done a tremendous job being a Football player. All of them had given better best performances, but one has to win. I love this sport very much which is very exciting with the best goals that are watched in the match.
  2. jwright


    Well I like to watch the trailers of the movie of Toy Story 3, Karate kid which is very fantastic movie. The presentation of the Karate in the movie by kids is breath taking. I have also watched the trailer of an upcoming movie Mao’s Last Dancer.
  3. jwright

    Foreign Movies

    According to me you have given a clear picture about the Foreign movies and there description. I have seen all the movies but haven't watch Monsoon Wedding. I like the story of the Malena, it is very beautifully made movie. But I am really keen to watch the Monsoon Wedding.