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    Surfer Girls

    I have visited the given link and I found such nice photos.I always respect to sport man/woman.I would really like the appreciate the bravery of such girls who are suffering a lot.
  2. lewis

    Clasic & Traditional Iranian Music

    since last few years the Iranian Classical CDs has been appearing.There is a numbers of of classical poetry, from medieval times to the present day, available to vocalists.Iranian classical instruments are generally brighther and crisper in tone than many of those used by neighboring cultures.
  3. lewis


    I have already know how to post the videos.As I have little knowledge so I can understand the way which you have shown here but those who don't anything more about it they may have little problem to understand it properly so you keep little simple way to post the videos.
  4. lewis

    Report Song Rip-Offs!!!

    This is really very nice idea about which you have talk here.I have hear the it and it nice you should listen the original tract that very beautiful.The song rip offs are very good to hear.