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  1. smithdsouza

    Great Books to Read

    Here i have added some more books to read, Arms and the Man - George Bernard Shaw Alice in wonderland - Lewis Carroll Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle As You Like it - William Shakespeare
  2. smithdsouza

    The Best Poem of 2006

    The poem is all about human color and the difference that the little child faces in his day to day life. He wrote the poem in a very nice way. It is not the color who differentiates a human from human it's all about the heart that differentiate a man from a man.
  3. smithdsouza

    Best Football Player In The History

    I like Ronaldo because he is the best and whenever he play he plays his best game. He won the FIFA player of the world award for three times. Currently he is playing for Corinthians.
  4. smithdsouza

    Lost hopes

    Lovely picture with cute photos and nice literature. Sorry to say but it seems that you dedicated this one to someone whom you lost. Is it like that but anywhere concept is really the touching one.