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  1. Mrternerz

    Who can teach me persian ? :)

    Hello dears, I wanna learn persian so I need to find dictionary and translater english to persian or turkish to persian. Who helps to me ? Happy days.. Merhabalar, Farsça öğrenmek istiyorum ve sözlük ve cümle çevirici arıyorum ingilizceden farsçaya yada türkçeden farsçaya. Kim yardımcı olur ? Mutlu günler..
  2. Mrternerz

    Who can teach me persian ? :)

    Already, my gf is persian. I wanna learn this language hence She hasn't got skill of teach And I'm boy Ofc cause I'm in relationship with girl ... wheter would I speak english or turkish ? And thank youuu I'm following this forum since 6-8 months aproximate.I registered just new.
  3. Mrternerz

    Who can teach me persian ? :)

    may be for beginning