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  1. Milad

    bia2.com Elections 2004

    i'd vote for Kerry but i'm sure it'll get recounted Much Love
  2. Milad

    Answer and ask the next person

    chocolate chip cookie dough....yum yum "how many licks does it take to get to da centre a'de?" lil' kim Much Love
  3. I didn't generalize....at leasti don't think....if you go back to the original post, you will see that i was talking from experience. if you are not like that, i would like to meet you cuz you can prove me wrong....or any of your friends.....help me out....i don't want to think like that about persian girls.....it pained me to say it but that's what i experienced when i was there and i'm a little conserned now cuz i'm going back tomorrow. Wish me Luck Much Love
  4. Milad

    r u beautiful?

    i don't think that was the point....i think amir was trying to say that even persian girls can make it in the twisted standards of the american modeling world. Cuz let's face it ...a persian girl although very beautiful, sweet, cute, caring blahblah.....are cursed with pleasently plump bodies and i'm not saying that's bad but it does match with the "Models' bods" (sticks) of today....they more have the 1970's model bodies. ;) althought i must admit Paris Hilton is an exception ..... idon't know why she's diffrenet but DAMN ! Maybe it's cuz she's rich hehhehe I know that sounded shallow Much Love
  5. Milad

    Earth = Hell?

    I never said that there is no hell and that i don't belive in its existance. How about this for a ponder...... "Satan" was banned from heaven and was sent to earth.....there was no hell back then....so technically unless God created hell after "Satan" was banned, "Satan" himself must have created hell, and since he is not capable of such things, then God must have. But that's off topic, Point is that "Satan" was banned from heaven and was sent to Earth....need i explain more? Much Love
  6. Milad

    r u beautiful?

    i see 63% think they are beautiful....that's awsome....so i'm sharing posts with a whole bunch of hot people here....that's good and for those who don't think they are beautiful.....stop being modest.....you know you are ;) i don't why that who cares option is ....cuz if you voted who cares then i don't understand why you voted at all Much Love
  7. Milad


    i agree with pourya....the best of collection has whole bunch of singles (hits i might add) that they have put together since 94 -96 or 98.....but it's really good music....so you should try that first....it includes the terminator 2 sound track and also mortal Kombat 3 (sub zero's brother) music....it's asome...it has a bit of hard rock sense to it..... i don't know if you are able to find the cd anymore....but download a preview (pourya don't kick my ass please) get BACK IN THE UK and i think FREINDS is one you wqould like..... Much Love
  8. Milad

    Earth = Hell?

    Aziz...how do you know Satan is all evil? after all he was an angel at some point ....so i personally don't belive the whole hell is all fire and heat and blah blah blah.....i think hell is just emotional pain rather than physical pain....because we are supposetly suppose to leave out bodies in earth and either elevate or decesend to where ever.....so if you don't have a body how would you feel physical pain? how do you know your soul even can recognize pain from pleasure? I think earth is it....because you can endure both physical and emotional pain.....and i'm not looking at life in a bad way.....my life hasn't been that bad....i've gone through many deaths in the family and i'm still happy....but when i think about it....existance of hell just doesn't make sense to me....i think hell is more of an holywood image and also a story older people tell children to scare them into not lying or doing bad things. Much Love
  9. Milad

    What's your hair type?

    forget it...i'll just shave ....much easier
  10. Milad

    Answer and ask the next person

    i feel very stupid and don't deserve to be studying why is it that the weather of Toronto so F**Ked and is never sunny? Much Love
  11. Milad

    What's your hair type?

    i want it to be lakht
  12. Milad


    trust me man....knowing me ....a child would not be a positive thing;) in fact i think now that i think of it.....i better do TWO things to get remembered by if i have a child. hehehe Much Love
  13. Milad


    i do i just didn't know of the existance of this post thank you again Much Love
  14. My mother....i give all the credit to my mother...i'd be a street junkie if it wasn't for her Much Love
  15. Milad

    Answer and ask the next person

    Pizza what toppings do you like on your pizza? Much Love