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  1. Rawr

    THIS or THAT

    I don't know anything about cars and i couldn't really care less but i'll go with German cars since i don't like the English. Superman or Batman?
  2. Rawr

    Hi guys

    You sure know how to make people feel welcome. -_-
  3. Rawr

    The IRANIAN name game!

  4. Rawr

    I dislike...

    Haha, smart. I didn't think of that. No wonder my IQ is below zero
  5. Rawr

    I Am Iranian In U.K

    I'm an Iranian in the UK :DD Omid Djalili eshghe
  6. Rawr

    where are you from?

    Born in Tehran living in Scotland.
  7. Rawr

    Hi guys

    Hey, nice to meet you too
  8. Rawr

    nice quotes

    There is a place you can touch a woman that will drive her crazy. Her heart. - Melanie Griffith
  9. Rawr

    THIS or THAT

    Public university. Gojesabz or chaghale badoom? I'm hungry now :drool_wft:
  10. Rawr

    The IRANIAN name game!

  11. Rawr

    I dislike...

    I love the sour skittles, they kick ass And i really dislike living in a country where there's no gojesabz :angry:
  12. Rawr

    Adults only

    Wow it's a sex riot in here :DD
  13. Rawr

    Go Random

    Thanks guys. Well i like living dangerously so i decided to be like a ninja and go in the bathroom without the lights on. I couldnt see anything plus im really stupid. But it does clean so you should try it sometime. Uhuum in ke maloome, man az hameye gojesabza khoshmaze taram And try chaee for your headache, although it's probably gone by now. But It actually helps..hichi az chaye irooni behtar nist...albate bejoz gojesabz
  14. Rawr

    Hi guys

    Why thankyou xD I would've but you see i'm poor and i need all the money i can get.
  15. Rawr

    Jomle "CHIZ" besaazid.

    Chizesh az hame chiza chiztare