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    nice! i always liked the old smell of davidoff cool water on women...duno why but i guess less women wear it nowadays pourya jan, the boss one is called NIGHT. enjoy
  2. Peyman_a


    hahaha yeah i just saw your blog post! love the cap!! if you like the citrus scent...try the new hugo boss as well...i'm sure u'll love it. come on boys and girls!!! lets get a thread going!! where are you?
  3. Peyman_a


    Hello! was wondering what Cologne or Parfume do you guys wear? Just got the new Chanel and Boss for men...love'em both!! what about u guys?
  4. Peyman_a

    BIA2 IPhone Application

    Sosa Jan, Update ur app now and continue enjoying bia2! Love it! I have the app but it won't even open anymore... why is that? I've deleted and redownloaded it, but it still won't work. Is it because of the new OS? Is anyone else having issues? I love Bia2 and I want to listen in when I'm driving or working out.
  5. Peyman_a

    new yet old member...

    sure pourya jan. sorry was so excited i forgot to check exactly where to post wont happen again ;)
  6. Peyman_a

    new yet old member...

    Hello everyone! just wanted to say hi... glad to have joined bia2 forum