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  1. ruskyline

    Iranians in Los Angeles

    50 views and 2 replies? so no one knows anything? (
  2. ruskyline

    Iranians in Los Angeles

    just one? at least you have one.. lmaoo
  3. ruskyline

    Iranians in Los Angeles

    I'm an Iranian who live close to Los Angeles. I go to school and have a lot of friends, but none of them are Persian... I would really like to know where Persians in Los Angeles live, where do they hang out etc.. Merry X-Mass everyone
  4. ruskyline

    FML rejected by family!!

    i thought it was an interestin subject to talk about.. well no one commented so i guess not..
  5. ruskyline

    FML rejected by family!!

    dam finally got home after the shitty day... k so i was @ ma relativs house n we were sitin at da dinin table n i was jus textin Funk buddy.. jus mindin ma own muthafuckin bussness n jus txtin, ain botherin no body.. so i went to bathroom, came out, and jus saw all ov ma relatives (includin ma parents) holdin ma phone with dis blury ass face.. then 2 sec later they asked me leave n never come back.. 2 make da story short, i guess my Funk buddy sent me a pick of her puss and asked me to hit it tonight, then thos foos saw it n the they triped out.. Funk THIS Shoot!!