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  1. Ariou Babalian

    I dislike...

    i dislike not having a gf ((((((
  2. Ariou Babalian

    Adults only

    akhhh, this threat is so describing my mood right now..
  3. Ariou Babalian

    lets get hooked up!!

    this can be very fun only if people follow the format. and if you don wanna answer all the Q, just leave it blank 1)state your name: 2)gender: 3)age: 4)prefered age that you want the other person to be: 5)any kids?: 6)what city and state you from?: 7)how to be reach(email): just coppy and paste that part and answer, i'll start with my self 1)ru 2)male 3)20 4)18-22 5)no 6)Glendale, CA 7)ruskyline@hotmail.com and the last thing, this is my first threat n i hope it will go well