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    I Want A Perfect Wife

    I believe that to get good things in our life fist we should be a good.If roam around to get perfect one that may be difficult for you. As per my view the person with whom you feel comfortable & can share each thing of your life with any hesitation & who believe in you & your dream that is the perfect for you.
  2. christopher

    Best Football Player In The History

    There are many great players in the history of football, but a few stand out even among the greats.I would we quite rude to choose only one player who is great.I thought every player who plays for their country & given best which they could give are graets. Footballers that deserve to be remembered as the best of the best but id have asked only one name so I personally like ronaldo.
  3. christopher


    Normally i would like see cricket on television.I am a big fan of sports. I always like to see live one & test cricket matches but yesterday i have seen indian movie. I was quite difficult to understand but screen play was that movie was good .I have seen whole movie.
  4. christopher

    what are you listening to

    I love to listen music. I like to hear bollywood music. T have been a big fan of indian music sine long time . I used to listen romantic song as well as traditional music . I am big fan of Sanker Mahadeven who is great music composer as of now in indain music industries.He has given lot many super hits last year.