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    Nissan Qashqai

    the qashqai site is complete bs, it was written by pan-turk. The original family is persian and the rest is kurdish and some other tribes and i have never seen arab qashqais either. Seems to be fairytale. The qashqais speak turkish azeri dialect because they had to when the turks invaded, after they tried to brainwash the azeris but failed. The azeris speak turkish but their customs still are same as other iranians.
  2. Azermaiden

    Nissan Qashqai

    Tork? Im Qashqai also and belong to the original family and i dont consider myself as turk.
  3. Azermaiden

    Have any tattoos?

    Does any of you iranians have tattoos? If you do whatkind do you have, like do you have tribal or old iranian kind of tattoos or what did your parents say about it?