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  1. babejoonam

    wtf is wrong with females?

    Keanojan, its not just girls its people in general.
  2. lol! I am curious, besides for the fact that we a naturally more emotionally, what other some of the reasons? Hmmm maybe I am... if that is your real age and birthday then no.
  3. I really feel the opposite is true. It seems to be that guys can just brush us away so easily. Girls are unlike that. Unless the girl really didn't care about the guys to begin with. It's been 8 months and I am still not over him..
  4. babejoonam

    wtf is wrong with females?

    voyyyy... first off boy cant handle the truth it hurts their egos big time. What is so complicated? Are you guys trying to build a spaceship together? Life is already filled with enough drama why add more? Its wasted energy.