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  1. lopez

    FootBAll Player

    I am a really passionate soccer fan and the beautiful game is much more than just a game to me. So mush so that I am going to play it seriously and go as far as I can. Having said that, naturally, I would have my favorite soccer players, Cristiano Ronaldo is currently the best footballer in the world. He is playing for my favorite football club of all time, Manchester United.
  2. lopez

    Inglorious Bastards

    The Basterds, are haunting, but at the same time, very funny, at times even hilarious. The dark comedy aspect play a big aspect in this as in many other Tarantino films.it's tremendously entertaining, shocking, dramatic, suspenseful, and funny at the same time. Jam packed with everything you look for in a movie.
  3. lopez

    Couples Retreat (2009)

    The movie couples retreat is a mix of comedy and drama movie, but mostly, it’s more on the comedy side.I was hoping to watch a really funny movie. Instead, I got a movie whose jokes fell flat. Mid way through the movie, I gave up on it.It was more like the first act of "Along Came Polly" with four couples.
  4. lopez

    Phoonk 2

    I just watched Phoonk and Phoonk2 are you making scary movies, or comedy of horrors.I have watch ram gopal movies any place.i can see this movie 10o times alone.I think nothing great about this adventure. I loves scary movies.