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  1. amangelomike

    Crazy Kart Online racing Game :D

    Crazy kart is like mario kart in nintendo consoles. The crazy Kart racing is another cool addition. I got this because I love mario kart. I know no kart racing game will ever beat mario kart and mario kart 64, but I still get it because kart games are just plain fun to play. And it is cell-shaded, that adds to it's cartoony appeal. Its true there are lots of racing games for psp, but there is variety.
  2. amangelomike

    Animation Vs. Animator

    This was actually the best animation I have seen in a long time. Apparently this took a lot of people a lot of time to make. It's too much to take in.
  3. amangelomike

    Search Engine Optimization

    I do SEO and that is a whole job on its own. I always keep myself reading about SEO because it increase my knowledge more and I also become able to know current market strategy. I have read your ebook and its really very interesting. I found so many useful tips and tricks for SEO. You have done a great work. SEO is very useful in many aspects, I see it as a challenge.