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  1. hsas4849

    K I R I Or K I B I ?

  2. hsas4849

    Just Obama

    Obama is alright.
  3. hsas4849

    Travel to Iran

    Why wouldn't it be safe. What are you trying to imply?
  4. hsas4849

    The JFK Photo

    It's just a myth.
  5. hsas4849

    Do you eat Pork?

    I'm Muslim so no. It's not just because of my religion, but also because of the negative effects on an individuals health and wellbeing. That's just my opinion I guess.
  6. hsas4849


    Guys add me. My PSN is LeGeNd4849.
  7. hsas4849

    Where do you come from?

    Been living in Australia for as long as I can remember
  8. hsas4849

    I Am a Fortunate Homosexual Man

    publicity is what I think. I doubt he's really gay.
  9. hsas4849

    How Is Possible ?

    Publicity from the media. It's got nothing to do with two people loving each other. That's why many celebrity marriages end in a divorce.
  10. hsas4849

    Do you like anime

    Personally, I hate anime. However, there are few exceptions (mainly because of nostalgia).
  11. hsas4849


    thanks for warm welcome guys!