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  1. before: http://www.democracyinlebanon.org/images/ME-Map-Old.jpg after: http://www.democracyinlebanon.org/images/ME-Map-New.jpg I don't know if it's been posted before. I actually like it and think it could work.
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    Ok, let me clarify 1 - http://www.bia2.com/music/ does this list contain all noteworthy Iranian singers? 2 - if it does, how would i know which singers to begin with? Which of these are the best and beginners should look at first? 3 - if this list doesn't include afghans, does someone have a list like this that does? thank you
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    absolute beginner

    someone help please
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    absolute beginner

    being able to search doesn't help when I don't know anyone to search :huh:
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    absolute beginner

    hello, I want to get to know music in Persian what I have no real prior experience with it. Is this list complete? http://www.bia2.com/music/ Does it include music in Persian by Afghans, as I am half/half Iranian and afghan and would like to get to know both. If not, is there a site with a list of afghan music like this one? If that list IS complete and DOES include afghan, how should i navigate through it? I don't think i have the time to go through every track and choose ones I like and weed out the bad ones. Where should i start? Yup I am a big confused beginner to music. Thanks in advance for helping me