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  1. I´m from Bosnia. Why would be not safe? I read a lot of stories from bikers taht have pass thair tours and I have found only good things about Iran.. The latest story is from guy from Greece taht pass trough Iran and stay trehe for about three weeks in December 2009. I would appreciated advices from guys that actualy lives in Iran, becouse world news are not reliable source..
  2. Hello to all members ! I planinng a trip on my bike to Iran on June/July and this should be my first visit Asia. I have chose Iran becouse of its past and history,warm people, architecture and natural beauty to be first country to visit. I have planned general route, read a lot of stories and internet material but.. May I ask for help with detail about everything? Im interested in: traffic, traffic in cities, police on the road, gas stations, fuel prizes, mechanic workshops, places to see, places to sleep, hotel prizes, caravan saraajs,where to go out, resaurants, customs in your country.. almost all detail that one could need when on the road. Maybe some small things that are siple to you becouse you are doing it every day is new to me.. I have planned to enter Iran from Turkey and heading (not nessesary this way) Tabriz, Tehran, Sari, Qum, Esfahan, Yazd, Shiraz, BAndar Abbas and back trough country toward Turkey.. Please feel free to give any place that is worth to see it as well as any advice. Thanks very much!