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  1. alexjems41

    No Kiss In Dubai

    It's absolutely ridiculous! If Dubai isn't careful it will loose many of its tourists and therefore will suffer even more of a crisis than it already has. A couple kissing in the public may not be appropriate in Dubai but it should not have been criminalized either.
  2. alexjems41

    Fernando Alonso

    Fernando Alonso has won the season-opening Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix and led a Ferrari one-two in a dream debut with the Italian glamour team. Fernando Alonso is better at racing cars than he is at making predictions.
  3. alexjems41

    Animation Vs. Animator

    The Animator vs. Animation series is one of the all-time great AtomFilms hits. The Animator vs. Animation Game follows the episodes closely in terms of style, attacks, and overall design. It's a perfect game adaptation of the animations.
  4. alexjems41

    I Want A Perfect Wife

    In my opinion, the perfect wife, although her heart is toward seeking the best for her husband. I think Everybody is not perfect so Please you forgive that you'll get perfect wife ever.