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  1. Farshadnia


    Recently i found a Game Company in Dubai ( Originally chines ) which they are launching online games for Arabs, and i've posted a new threat about one of there games, now they are launching a new online game called Runes of Might ( MMORPG ) for Arabs!!! and here is my Viewpoint 1) Why in the hell they are even launching an online or that kind of game for Arabs ( no Offense ). 2) why they don't Target Iran? i mean how many people we have in Iran that they are playing online games? i am 100% sure more than there is in GCC countries? the reason i am posting this is because i want to know if you guys are thinking like me, is it fair not to Target at least Tehran???
  2. Farshadnia

    Crazy Kart Online racing Game :D

    i have upload the installer on Megaupload so it would be much easier for users to download it + no one will think that as an advertising but it seems you guys are also have problems with Direct Links !!! as far as i know the developers are in Dubai and its a complete free game. since they presented the game in Dubai and window magazine i felt like why only Arabs should play this game, when we can create our own community there as Iranian players.
  3. Farshadnia

    Happy Norooz

    Happy New Year, wish you all the best in 1389 :DD
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKBwku-PsPY Camels - Stationary Traveller Just wanted to share this with you guys, God Bless him, Great Music
  5. Farshadnia

    Crazy Kart Online racing Game :D

    i know every Rule about Online forums and even if i were working for them i am 100% sure they were contacting in legal way for an advertise,i use to download many Music etc.. from Bia2.com 4-5 years back, and now i decide to join forums for more Friends and game, music, fun stuff, what i have found about this game is there are mostly Arabs who is playing it, i just wanted to get more Iranians into this game so we can challenge Arab players ! again its your Forums and as you can see i just wanted to see more Iranians friend playing this game with me
  6. I just found a new online racing Game and its free :eek_wft: i'll leave direct link to download from megaupload here + some screen shots for you guys http://photos-e.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/hs477.ash1/26150_10150126165250585_677815584_11513773_5383823_n.jpg[/img Download From here : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RBLH3AL6