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    Bahador Kharazmi - SeksBomb

    inruza hame copy mikonan??????? hame? pas yeki bash ke mesle hame nabashe. Agar mesle hame hasti, let music go! Be original. Karmandan, now thats original! Afshin, original. P.CANTELL, original, even Arash is original! I could go on...
  2. havetosaythis

    Bahador Kharazmi - SeksBomb

    I agree with Omega...I think weak "music" like that makes Iranian music look shamefully bad...and shouldnt even be found on here... The product sounds horrible, instrumental and vocaltrack....both put together need a sewage plant to become clean....
  3. havetosaythis

    Iranian Girl by P.CANTELL

    hehe, you're right Keano. Maybe the guy up first is the artists friend. But regardless, I liked what he had to say. At the end of the day, its everybodys opinion that counts, whether its a friend of the artist or an enemy. Forums are about getting a discussion started, so even if the guy up front is a friend or even the artist himself, he got the discussion started and Im hoping it doesnt end like this.
  4. havetosaythis

    Iranian Girl by P.CANTELL

    yeeeeah, music is good. I agree! Have you heard his other material on his site? good stuff
  5. havetosaythis

    Iranian Girl by P.CANTELL

    I dont know if the sneak peak is still on here. But I found it on youtube:
  6. Hey guys, I was in a club yesterday. They played this song, and I was disappointed as hell.... Barobax did not create Baba to dige ki hasti themselves...I dont know if they have cleared it with the maker Shantell....but to me...this is a ripoff....I think their video was great, probably one of the best video for the Iranian pop market, but my respect for them has definitely decreased...me no like.... Here is the original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yVebsKnwyg What do you think? Did they clear it?