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  1. Exactly dadsh Sia!!! Agree If you really beleive that the Iranian girls are the hottest ones on the earth; you MUST prove it. As you prove your statement which is the Iranian girls are the hottests, you need to come up with some evidences such as; pictures, phone numbers, and videos as necessary. Guys I'm pretty sorry to say this but unfortunately the Iranian girls are the dirtest girls from inside that I've ever seen. They exactlt act like snakes. Very beautiful snacks, so called MARE HAFT RANG, and suddenly they sting you!! Ive had two very painful experiences with those snacks so far. Or that only could be my own experiences, but to be honest they are kind and very warm ppl. Thats all I know about the Iranian girls. How about your providing some proof what the snakes did to you? I think they posted enough pictures to make their case. But you only give your word. I have heard this of Iranian women in Iran as well. It is the culture over there as opposed to the Iranian women abroad. It is what I have heard.
  2. loooool what the heck.....com'on are we on 1500??? we are all human beings we are not obliged to have relationship only with someone with the same culture....only people with a close mind and who doesn't want to integrate with the culture of the place where they live could think like that...... I am a person who likes to know other cultures and get in touch with them.....and on the future i'd like to have a relationship with a person with another culture or an halfie or a persian who raised up another country and learnt to live with another culture (like myself)....I'd like to be multicultural.... I completely agree with you Michellica. I just started seeing a Persian, and I hope he's not reading this because i'd be terribly embarrassed lol :bl, but well he is the most amazing person I've ever met. I'm hispanic, born and raised in America, and I am surprised at how much more similar our values are than MOST other hispanic nationalities i've dated and known. Also our intellectual levels are to match. I've never met anyone with as many good values or intellect as him. I didn't think men like him existed to be honest, and he has told me several times "are you sure you're not Persian?". lol. I think often times the things that make us stick to our own culture the most is our own close-mindedness. The more we close our minds, of course. the more attractive our own culture will seem. Although I might be inclined to agree, that there are cultures that just do not mix, and yes, in general, it is hard to find a good couple that will work, but that does not mean you should not give it a chance. You'd be surprised how many Persians also share similar values to Americans
  3. What does this mean? lol! I am trying to learn Farsi. Is ghorboonet beram man another term of endearment?