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    Mersi, good to be here.
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    Salam az Malmö, Sweden, Omidvaram hamegi khoobo khoshin. I'm the founder of some very old Persian media websites, not sure if anyone even remembers back in 2000-2004, PersianLyrics.com, Ghanari.com and ParsMusic.net. Good to be here.
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    PMN was actually my last of three Persian music websites. The whole idea originated in 2000 with me and my then girlfriend not being able to understand Persian songs very well since both of us had been raised outside of Iran. I developed PersianLyrics.com and we spent countless hours listening to songs and writing down the lyrics in Farsi with English alphabet to help others like us. At the same time we started adding music as well. As the site grew more popular the demand for content and also cost for server and bandwitdth grew with it (it cost a lot back then). As a result the website was taken down in June 2001 to allow us to focus our resources on our other profitable businesses. Our passion for Persian music never died though. Some time later we decided to re-develop the website from the ground up, making it database driven, starting a community among other things and also allowing user content. The result of this was Ghanari.com, which grew as a Persian community and music website. The problem still remained though, it was consuming a lot of resources (time and money) and making no money, not even to cover it's own costs. We decided to try one last time to make a business out of our passion, on August-September 2003 we launched ParsMusic.Net. Unfortunately, I believe we were too early to start an online music business for the Persian community and in April 2004 we decided to close down. I have been using Bia2 for a long time, you've done a great job!
  4. Pouria Parsa - Delbar Music & Arrangement: Shahram PopRock http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bKVuIckzYI Enjoy!
  5. Salam doostane aziz, Omidvaram khoobo khosh bashid. I have uploaded 5 videos/songs by Shahram PopRock, here's the song "Jadeh"... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtC4Z71WG9g More songs are available Youtube @ http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=FBFC0C4A33194654 Hope you enjoy them. Irane Azad!
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    Shahram PopRock - 5 videos/songs!

    Mersi aziz, sale no mobarak
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    Tea or Coffee?

    I don't know what life would be without coffee! :eek_wft:
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    I Feel Like...

    I'm so hungry, I feel like eating a big warm plate of chelo kabab, ghorme sabzi and khoresh bademjoon! :bl
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    Emoticons reflect our mood

    I'm very happy for tonight :DD