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    I'm very culturaly open, I love working on computers, working on my cisco certification at the moment. I'm filipino born there, but I came to the United States. I love woman, my door swings both ways if you know what i mean *wink*. I'm the epitome of a scorpio, fierce, agressive, gets jealous easily, and you know a little kinky if you know what i mean<br /><br />I really want to learn farsi, always been trying to learn as much as languages as I can. I'm currently learning french. I'm VERY studious, I hate staying in to study, but I love to learn new things.
  1. lol your so funny, no but i'm serious
  2. Alessandra

    I Miss...

    I miss being young, were all getting older and older and eventually losing our inner child. I miss being able to watch the clouds without a care in the world, but now we have repsposibility
  3. Alessandra

    Hello There!

    thank you very much
  4. In my international list 5th is persian girls, I just can't explain it there's something about them. Persians men I can't explain it there's something about them, it's a strange vibe I get, it's really humble
  5. Alessandra

    The Three Wise Men

    wow what such a interesting article, I wish i was there to watch the special.
  6. Alessandra

    Athletic Urge

    Yeah i know don't judge, I'm a girl, but I love to be fit, not for vanity purposes, more like the feeling that of enduring so much pain, and sweating too. I love running and I have the strangest obssesion with being strong. I'm so into fighting too, god it's an addiction, like sugar. I'm curently doing muay thai kickboxing. I was thinking wrestling in my highscool team. yeah i know i have to wrestle boys, but who cares! There's nothing like the feeling of getting down to the mats with these guys
  7. Alessandra

    Beauty or Brains?

    I perfer a beautiful mind, I think looks are so shallow. I was never really a beleiver of love at first site, it takes a good talk for me to fall for a person. I dont' want to have a conversation with an ignorant man. But you know it's funny with girls.......it's a bit different. I like my woman pretty
  8. Alessandra


    sadly yes i have, but it was so stupid something caused by temptation, forgiveness is so easy to get, but to forget is nothing easy. I did a stupid mistake and I vow to never do it again, I almost lost something so dear to me for my own selfishness. It was a stupid kiss, do i regret it, not really becuase i would of never learned not to do it. Thank god for second chances
  9. Alessandra

    IS he too old or not???!!!

    no as long as your happy I see no problem with it
  10. Alessandra

    any reccomendations?

    I was wondering if anybody can reccomend me any specific artist to listen too.
  11. Alessandra


    I know what you mean if you don't like waxing try a method call threading. You may need a professional to do it for you
  12. Alessandra

    Hello There!

    I'm so happy to join, I'm not persian but I love the culture, every day I'm trying to learn more and more farsi. i hope i'm welcomed here to learn more
  13. Alessandra

    Hi I'm New

    yeah well welcome to you too