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  1. Aria20

    Comments on new iranian releases

    Finally you guys are talking!! :clap2: I've never heard of Aslani before. After just hearing some of his stuff I could see why people like him. His music is very smooth and grounded. I honestly would have never thought of checking him out before as I don’t pay too much attention to the older guys (except a little bit of Omid and Moein). I may start looking more into his material. Any recommendations? As for this Kamran Delan fella you guys bring up from time to time.... I have to say I don't think he should sing his own music. Sorry to say but he really doesn’t have it and to me his music doesn’t sound anything like Andy's or Idin's... I feel some effect is lost. Some of the music sounds pretty good, but it lacks that extra UMPH! I hear in Idins collaborations. Either Kanyan is hooking up Idin or maybe its Idin input that’s missing. He's a good song writer no doubt which he should remain as such. I think it's always good to change things up and experiment with other talent. Like in American music, I think Justin Timberlake should take a break from Timbaland because even their collaborations are starting to wear thin... but then again I don’t think Timbaland is a songwriter… I love your reviews Pourya! Sometimes I completely agree with you and sometimes I yell to myself WHAT? For example in Sepideh’s review… I don’t think the songwriter had any business re-singing her song in his version at the end of the album and I was shocked that you were OK with it. I bet you received an e-mail for that as well because there are some Sepideh fanatics out there, lol. Omega, do you think Idin may be falling into the same steps as Shadmehr Aghili? His older stuff was better I think, and now he’s just maintaining. I've noticed people were very fond of him at one time and then it kind of went down. Also, him copying music and calling it his own didn't help. I for one really like him! He and Idin are the two I look forward to hearing new material from. I don't think people should completely shut him out for borrowing music. In American music it happens ALL the time. There is hardly any originality anymore in regards to the song writing, just the production. Listen to the Black Eyed Peas new song, they borrowed a classic and ruined it in my opinion. When Kamran and Hooman used Timberlake's music in that one song no one condoned it I don't think (they didn’t even try to change it a little!)... But if Shadmehr were to have done it would be a different story. I don't think we should rush into judging Idin's new album just yet. His records always offer a variety which I think contribute to his popularity (and it’s very smart!). One comment I wanted to make which I forgot to do earlier was regarding his voice. I think it's strange anyone would find faults to it. Yeah, he can over do it... but if you can sing like that, why is it bad to show it off a little? As long as it doesn't hurt the ear and sounds correct. At the end of the day it's a talent not many posses. When I first heard it, I was very ignorant about Persian music and thought his technique was common (he was actually the one who opened my eyes up to the market). It reminded me of Sting's song with Cheb Mami "Desert Rose" which is a song I'm really fond of. I personally hold Arab singers to the highest level in regards to vocal technique and execution (oh and Mariah Carey with her harmonized screeches, lol) and I thought wow we have a Persian singer who could compete with that. I guess conformity has affected the world in music because even they're pushing a lot of junk. So forgive me for trying to find something to pride myself in regards to my Persian side when I posted earlier. I’ve added Hamed Haddadi to my list too, that guy is on fire!!! It would be cool to see Idin sing live. Maybe he has stage freight? Maybe not good enough offers? Maybe his voice is fake!!! Just kidding… Maybe Bia2.com should add a web cast section and interview some of these artists and ask the “hard” questions. Pourya should do the interviewing!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to ya'll in the states!
  2. Aria20

    Comments on new iranian releases

    Nope that wouldn’t be me. I’m a fan none the less, but I would hardly call myself a crazed fanatic, lol. I could imagine there are fans out there that would, why not? No one is discussing censorship here, I only responded to something I thought was overkill. You’re entitled to your opinion as am I. I wouldn't hold it against you if you didn't like something I said and voice your thoughts about my comments. Isn't what forums are all about? They're supposed to be "fun." I think everyone is missing the point. I didn’t come on here to condone what your discussions are about. Nor am I here to attack your view points or be the censorship police officer. When something is publically released of course it's open to public opinion. My point was there was no point of view to begin with just straight bashing (picking, poking whatever you want to call it). I found it annoying and a bit childish. Over the years ya’ll poked fun at Idin and a LOT of artists, no big deal. This time it was a little much. I think I’ve explained this in three different versions now. Ever heard of the expression beating a dead horse? Now, my redundancy will probably bore you to the point where you’ll get annoyed. Which may prompt you to respond. And if I continue with this behavior you might get annoyed more to the point you'll want me to shut up, and then if... see where I'm going with this? If you’re trying to defend this forum for expressing its opinion and insight regarding this industry there is no need. No one is questioning that. What confuses me is this statement you’re making causes me to believe there is some level of integrity in the opinions expressed on this website which is probably why I take what everyone here says a little more seriously than I should (what other persian media can I follow?). This is why it seemed a little contradictory when there was no concrete evaluation of a certain material/image and just cast direct judgment and throw insults. Since Bia2 contest to keep these vital values to improve this industry you speak of it was not very apparent in this case. It is your entitlement and no one is arguing that. We can also admit when we over do things. Keano, I’ve been a registered member for quite some time now lurking in the background for a long time before that. I’ve been meaning to post something... call me shy . Well buddy, you definitely know more than I do regarding the persian music industry (or lack thereof apparently). I think you also missed the point as well regarding my commentary. Don't you speak up when you think something gets a little annoying? Or have you never spoken up when you think no one gives something a chance? Nothing more, nothing less. Some of these members you speak of were probably never inspired to join before you spoke about the subject matter that meant most to them. As for me, how many posts do I need to qualify so I can comment about an artist? Lol, just pulling your leg... I wouldn’t be able to tell what constitutes success in Persian music since there are no facts/charts to go off by or any real programming for that matter. No wonder all the material Bia2 posts today seems kind of Indy mixed in with a little decent productions. I wonder why no one has brought this up because a lot of the stuff posted here sounds like it was done on a Mac and the videos were made using a high end home camera. Bia2 should separate the Indy material from the label productions.... I’ve only known about two albums by Idin. I’d be interested to hear the others you speak of. Would you happen to have a link? What you expressed is probably the most enlightening insight I’ve read in a long time. This is why I visit the forum from time to time for commentary like this. Which I thank you. I didn’t realize the success was all based on concerts. Idin is still young… Don’t take this the wrong way… but isn't Andy 60-70?… he’s about the croak sometime (Not that I wish anything bad upon him but we all must go at one point or another). So what about when they always pack 2 or 3 singers together... does that constitute success? I don't think I've seen many solo concerts... especially with younger artists. In regards to his mannerism, I thought it was the whole metro-sexual image you European and Cali boys present, LMFAO!!! No offense anyone...
  3. Aria20

    Comments on new iranian releases

    I know. I enjoy reading opinions. I found it interesting how there wasn't any prognosis on the single and just nit picking on irrelevant things for the last 5 pages. I think this is the first time I've seen bashing on an artist like this (aside from the Kamran & Hooman Canadian remark but that was expected). This on the other hand was a bit over the top for no apparent reason which made me wonder if it was more personal... Sorry you feel that way, it's called critique. Actually a critique is evaluating a subject matter with your personal opinion. This wasn't the case... It was just picking on an artist. I think we got the point 5 pages ago... lol, ironically that's exactly how i feel about this song. As a huge fan of Idin's previous album, it saddens me to see him stoop to mediocrity and conformity, rather than expand on the impressive musical foundations of his last. Idin's last album was bold, inventive, eclectic with solid song-writing, hooks and chorus'. For me, this song is void of such. Now, this is a critique. I agree it does sound a little "old school" and familiar. But there is some killer guitar in there that I could appreciate and the message is pretty refreshing in my opinion. Maybe a self proclamation? lol, was Afganistan not part of "Persia", at the times of the aforementioned fiction? I understand Afghanistan was part of ancient Persia at one time. But my family and other Persians I’ve known separate their association from Afghanistan AND vice versa. It makes no difference to me as I think both cultures are similar and wonderful. I think it’s silly to have a strong disassociation from one another. But I can recognize the difference in the music because I think Persian music is more progressive and the break down is different.
  4. Aria20


    Hi Everyone, i joined a while back and never introduced myself. My name is Kyle. I live in the United States in the state of Texas. I'm half persian and half american (white, lol). My father is American and my mother is Persian. I joined to learn more about Persians because there arent many of you out here, lol. I love all kinds of music from american pop to euro trance to persian music. Peace
  5. Aria20

    Comments on new iranian releases

    I think you're all being too harsh. You all act like the guy murdered your mother or refused to sign an autograph or something (it sounds more personal than opinionated). I think it's a very good song and his new image is fine. Aren't you tired of always hearing about love? I know I am. And why does every Persian singer wear shades and take photos in front of a city scape back drop? Everything about Persian music is very redundant, low quality, poorly thought out and not very creative. This is why very little catches my attention and I hate rap. I'm surprised more Persian singers haven't jumped on the "Prince of Persia" bandwagon and utilize this theme more which is what I think he may be trying to accomplish by looking at the photos and album title. However I have noticed more Afghan influence in Persian music which is strange since movies like 300 and Prince of Persia have recently come out you would think it would influence Persian music more. Instead they're always posing with cheap shades somewhere in the city which I've seen a million times. So I could appreciate Idins mythological approach in regards to his new image. As far as the song goes I always enjoy a good middle eastern rock fusion. Maybe the song has a deeper meaning such as an FU to someone or something? Now that would be interesting.