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  1. missy

    I dislike...

    I dislike ignorance I dislike drunken men
  2. missy

    I love...

    I love iranian music I love iranian discothekes I love Mansour I love honest people I love my mother I love my life Is there somewhere else an I like and I hate posting??
  3. missy

    I love...

    I dont know.hmmm i would like to be in love
  4. missy


    man taze umadam inja man missy hastam az hamburg
  5. missy


    salam man dobare umadam chetorin man ke bad nistam akhare hafte miram konzerte afshin dar köln i am looking forward to this concert khob dige che khabar??
  6. How old is neda and how long is her father dead?? you can give me her email adress or ask her if she has yahoo messenger. thanks a lot!!!
  7. salam man 3 mah pish pedaramo az dast dadam. in masale hal kardani nistesh!!!
  8. Salam man inja jadid hastam. Man agar darbareye har moshgeli sohbat konam shoma komak mikonin ya javab midin???
  9. missy


    I know the site bia2.com for about two months. Then i looked for a forum. Then i was here and i registered myself here!! Thx!!!
  10. missy


    salam man jadidam inja!!! Khubin???