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  1. Eat Shoot and die you Iranian islamic muslim cunt. I hope that you and your entire family die horrible and painful deaths. I would like to personally kill every single muslim peice of Shoot in the world. You are nothing but theocratic fascist scum very one of you. Die you motherucker.
  2. Iranians live in a deluded bubble of paranoia and religious extremism with no grasp on the reality of the world beyond the borders of your insular and backward country. Your president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is an ignorant uneducated peasant. You are so twisted by fanaticism that you truly believe that every ship or boat that enters your disputed territorial waters contains spies or is some form of western attack against you, even when that vessel is a yacht in a race. Iran must surely be the most collectively stupid country in the world. What do hope to achieve by obtaining a couple of nuclear weapons? What do you intend to do with them? You can’t use them. The United States and Israel possess massive nuclear arsenals in opposition to you. Or perhaps your own destruction does not concern you. After all you believe that you will be rewarded for your aggression against the “infidels” by a God who is as wicked and despotic as you are. Iran is a cancerous tumour on the planet that needs to be removed for the safety and protection of the peoples of the world. I hope than in the not so distant future Israel or the USA launches a devastating nuclear strike against your country and kills every single one of you.