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  1. candy

    Hiiiiii People!

    So i was bored and went on bia2 chat, first of all there was like 2 people THEN it LOGS ME OUT! and im like uhm why? so i try to log back in and it says IP banned!!!! and i was so shattered lol not really, why THE HELL AM I BANNED?!
  2. candy

    Hiiiiii People!

    hahaha damn it, im going to use words i shall never have used before since today up to this point recently, the progress is amazing we shall not fear :s
  3. candy

    Hiiiiii People!

    oh no im not eshghezamini :bl
  4. candy

    When should u lose it?

    hahah omg why didnt anyone slap me back then? this is so embaressing reading it now, aw i was such a baby and stupid lol who wishes that for someone "aww hope you lose your virginity" lol aww i was so khar
  5. candy

    I love...

    I LOVE lady gaga <3
  6. candy

    Answer and ask the next person

    Dont have a nicknameeee Q.WHO AM I:D :D
  7. candy

    Hiiiiii People!

    OMG Hiii peopleeeee, as in old people i dont know anyone knew...omg pourya, keano whoever is the boss, OMG!! LIKE FML! Its brain surgery trying to come back in the forum OMGGGGGGGGGGG IM SO ANGRY!!!!!! and then when you want to reset your passwword because u forgot it, it emails you with your new password and its like 3096u8309ujo4ei n4p9uj4[opju4[uij4[uih4o Hi