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  1. enhd

    Transliteration of letter

    Thanks for all who did their efforts to help me. Can give me anybody the links of more specialized forums that dedicated to Iranian culture and language, where I can get more good explanation or answers for my question?
  2. enhd

    Transliteration of letter

    No, mongols for diplomatic correspondence with European countries mostly had used Persian (Iranian?!...) language and writing. And, first few words of above letter was written in turk language but using persian characters. All other remaining body of letter in persian language.
  3. enhd

    Transliteration of letter

    Thanks for you effort, actually not all letter in other language but only first few words. I can give you probably how will be that words. bängü tngri-nin küčünde qamug ulug ulus-nun talui kan jrlgmys Could be not exactly same as I wrote, but some part shall meet...
  4. Dear friends, I have one request. There is one letter written in Persian language - The Letter of Guyuk khagan to Pope of Rome. First several words or sentence was written in turkish language by persian letters. The now my request. Could you make transliteration of these words in latin alphabet? If there is some doubt then alternatives also please. This is the beginning of the letter, as I'm guessing. Some more part of letter: Guyuk Letter Thank you.