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  1. hashemis

    Chemistry Defined

    Hmm... I guess you all only have the capacity to discuss intercourse and nothing else.
  2. hashemis

    Words Association Game

  3. hashemis

    Sarah Shahi

    dont you love our filter? :haha: Either that or I talk like a confused kid on acid.
  4. hashemis

    Interview: Pourya on PEJVAK

    Only feasting on virgins now, hey?
  5. hashemis

    Words Association Game

  6. hashemis

    Fale Hafez

    It's interesting. But not real.
  7. hashemis

    Sarah Shahi

    That's my son in there. ;)
  8. hashemis

    Sarah Shahi

    so Funking hot. id Funk the Shoot out of that badgirl
  9. hashemis

    Shohreh Aghdashloo just won an Emmy Award

    She sounds like a male robot.
  10. hashemis

    Interview: Pourya on PEJVAK

    Nice. Hey u look different in that pic hey?
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  12. hashemis

    Men Club

    I heard that different colours look different on different skin color and hair color... is this true?
  13. hashemis

    Answer and ask the next person

    Half-limit. Why is the sea blue, if the sky is blue because it reflects off the sea?