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  1. Amjadi

    I dislike...

    Squeaky floorboards, flaring nostrils and chalk.
  2. Amjadi


    I've been watching movies nonstop lately. Ghost World, 4/6 (500) Days of Summer, 4½/6 Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, 3/6 Trick 'r Treat, 1½/6 Greta, 3/6 City Island, 4½/6 Moscow on the Hudson, 3/6 Jennifer's Body, ½/6 Adventureland, 5½/6 The Boat That Rocked, 5/6 Brick, 3/6 District 9, 4½/6
  3. Amjadi


  4. Amjadi

    I love...

    Maybe I'll post up some pictures! :p
  5. Amjadi

    I love...

    Colour-coding, alphabetizing, or just organizing things in general.
  6. Amjadi

    I dislike...

    I dislike having the camera glaze quickly over a scene in movies. Makes me dizzy!
  7. Amjadi


    Samsung 50" Plasma HDTV
  8. Amjadi

    I love...

    bubble wrap, power outages, gravity, inhaling helium, squirrels, socks fresh out of the dryer, & speaking into the fan to make my voice sound robotic.
  9. Amjadi

    I dislike...

    Nope. Relies totally on non re-chargeable batteries. :/
  10. Amjadi

    I dislike...

    Um. Why is m.e.h. replaced with 'bark'? :|
  11. Amjadi

    I dislike...

    may I ask why? personally I love mine (on my cheek), its been a part of me and has become one of my characteristics through which people always recognise me! never even considered removing it. I dislike having to work all the way to Christmas this year! :punishing_wft: :punishing_wft: :punishing_wft: bark!. Yours isn't bad, looks like a beauty mark. Mines just.. weird. And it's annoying when people are like "whats that thing on your leg?!" I'm not really bothered by it, but it's not something I'm a fan of either. I dislike forgetting to turn off the camera when I'm finished importing pictures and wasting another set of batteries!
  12. Amjadi

    I dislike...

    My birthmark.
  13. Amjadi

    Where do you come from?

    I'm from Canada, my father from Iran and my mother from Turkey.
  14. Amjadi

    what are you listening to

    Merriweather Post Pavilion - Animal Collective