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    Apple Computer announced today that it has developed a computer chip that can store and play high fidelity music in women's breast implants. The iTit will cost $499 to $599 depending on speaker size. This is considered to be a major breakthrough because women have always complained about men staring at their breasts and not listening to them.
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    C Drive Help!!!

    Can you give any more information?????
  3. Persepolis357

    Kinky Sex..!

    Husband says I fancy kinky sex, can I come in your ear? Wife says no I might go deaf, husband retorts I've been coming in your mouth for 20 years & you're still Funking talking!
  4. Persepolis357

    Visiting the doctor..!

    Woman goes to her GP & says "I'm getting too much discharge." Doctor says "pop off your underwear and get on the bed." He puts on his latex gloves and inserts 3 fingers into her vagina, "how does that feel?". "Funking lovely", she replies," but the discharge is in my ear!"
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    The wife asks,"Why don't we make love like they do in films? "So I bent her over, Funked her right up the arse & came over her face. Turns out we don't watch the same kind of films
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    I walked past a mental hospital today. All the patients were shouting '13! 13! 13!' The fence was too high to see over, but I saw a little gap in the planks and peeked through to see what was going on. Some bastard poked me in the eye with a stick. Then they all started shouting 14! 14! 14!'
  7. OK...new poll Do you support the Islamic Republic? YES: 4% No: 96% There is your "accurate" poll..............for the members of this forum. thought it would be closer to........ Do you support the Islamic Republic? YES: 3% No: 97%
  8. * A total of 1,003 interviews were completed; the interview refusal rate was 52 percent. * …one in four respondents refused to answer the question about who they voted for in the presidential election… * …Asked how they would vote if the election were held again, half say they would vote for Ahmadinejad…. http://kamangir.net/2009/09/20/world-pubic-opinion-poll-ahmadinejad-is-legitimate/
  9. Persepolis357

    Reza Shah's aid

    -Sar Lashgar meaning is like General in the other languages but just using for Army and not for the other definition ! --He or the other police chiefs never gave the order directly ! they were under pressure from M R Shah or Presidents (like Amini,Razm Ara or Mansour !) then we can not be sure if Mr Koupal gave the order how he wanted or not ! ---I searched more things about him in my stuff and i just found those things which i put it here before ! You should search more about him in historial archive pages which are in farsi language. Unfortunately my Farsi is very poor therefore I am unable to search any historical archive pages in Farsi
  10. Persepolis357

    Reza Shah's aid

  11. Persepolis357

    Reza Shah's aid

    What exactly is Sar Lashgar and Shahrbani?? He never gave the order to kill the people 1952, he was told to kill the people but he refused. I think that was when he demoted to Chief of Police. Do you have any more information on him or know where I can get more information?? Persepolis357
  12. Persepolis357

    Reza Shah's aid

    Well I hope so, the man in question is my Grand Father..! Persepolis357
  13. Hi, Does anyone have any information on General Coupal?? (Various spellings are more than likely Kupal etc). He was the aid to Reza Shah, then became a General and later chief of Police in Tehran. There are some pictures of him below... General Coupal when he was chief of police. In centre of picture General Coupal with Dr. Mossadegh when Mossadeh was under house arrest (Top centre) With Mossadegh just after his arrest. (On board a plane) Attaturk, Ismet Inonu, General Coupal (shaking hands with Inonu) and Reza Shah I would love to know if anyone has any information on General Coupal. Hope to hear from someone soon. Persepolis357