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  1. kimmydora11

    ***L O S T***

    Adventure and survival is the test. ;)
  2. kimmydora11

    Do You Mind Spoilers?

    Sometimes, specially when I want to watch the movie first than hearing it.
  3. kimmydora11

    How Do You get To See Most of Your Movies?

    I watch online, I buy DVDs and recently I'm fond of watching movies in cinema
  4. kimmydora11


    Young Guns (1988)
  5. kimmydora11

    Great Books to Read

    Kite Runner Eat, pray, love
  6. I want to learn French and Spanish language. Also Mandarin.
  7. kimmydora11

    Your Favorite Poems!

    Trees by Joyce Kilmer Invictus
  8. kimmydora11

    Your Favourite Books

    Many to mention... But J. K. Rowling has the best novels.