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  1. MahmoodB

    Twitter is useful, believe me!

    Salam, I am wondering why Iranians are not that much using Twitter. However, I know that Twitter has been used during the election but what I mean is using Twitter in business! Twitter is not just for fun to post about our daily activities. Twitter is a very powerful tool for business owners. I have below resources for you. I have prepared them for those who would like to benefit from Twitter in their business plan: http://www.dubaisuccesstips.com/freetwitterebook http://www.dubaisuccesstips.com/twittermrr http://www.twitter.com/mahmoodb Hope you enjoy them.
  2. MahmoodB

    Offshore Company Formation in UAE

    My friend, David, who is a British, has an interesting business. He helps you setup your offshore company and open your offshore bank account in United Arab Emirates: ***edited***
  3. I have made one of the best search engine optimization eBooks ready for download. The eBook is free for distribuition. I highly recommend you try it. You will learn lots of tips and tricks to optimize your website for search engines: http://www.dubaisuccesstips.com/seomadeeasy Cheers! Mahmood.