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  1. So I don't know know when her damn new album will be realeased. It keeps getting post poned and I swear i'm about to go crazy. Anyways, At least we get a new music video. It's been out for a bit but I doubt it was posted on here. http://www.persianway.com/index.php?option...&Itemid=173 what you guys think?
  2. mistapersia

    Sepideh's New Album/Videos/Songs Promo

    She is hot, but I love her new songs they sound a lot more better then the songs on her first album
  3. Check it out here: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...eoid=1574259074
  4. mistapersia

    Sepideh New Music Video Shab

    Do u know the title by any chance? Thats what my parents said BUT... the title is not "Shab" for Homayra's version..
  5. mistapersia

    Sepideh New Music Video Shab

    So I was showing Sepideh's new song to my parents and they told me it was a cover?! I was wondering who was the original singer on the song? IF you don't know what song i'm talking about u can visit her myspace page at: http://www.myspace.com/sepidehmusic and listen to it.
  6. mistapersia

    Comments on new iranian releases

    :blink: Sepideh has a very powerful voice? Someone with no voice would be Shaghiye? or Susan Rooshan? Sepideh has a more powerful voice then even Sheila? I mean I admit she doesn't give much room on her last album to really show off her voice except in 2 songs. And her songs weren't that great except for Mikham Barat Bemiram and Kish but I give her props for being one of the only younger female singers. The persian music industry is really obsessed with Male Singers but the females haven't been doing to good lately except for Googoosh. Sheila Shohreh Leila F Sepideh Shaghiye Mahasti all have realeased recent albums and all of them bombed. It's a shame
  7. mistapersia

    Comments on new iranian releases

    ERM? Sepideh came out with Sihouette ages before Shakira came. She has always looked like that, plus whos comparing she's persian? Shakira is spanish? to diff music scenes.
  8. mistapersia

    Persian Lyrics?

    Where can I find lyrics for Persian artists in FARSI/ENGLISH
  9. mistapersia

    Comments on new iranian releases

    Sepideh I haven't heard the album yet, But I thought her first album was one of the best Persian albums out. "Keesh" was a classic to bad she didn't get the credit she deserved for that song. Anyways I finally saw her upcoming realease music video "Shab" and it was absoutly amazing. She is so incredibily talented and wit hevery album I know she will only get better.
  10. Alright, well i'm new on this board and this is my first post. I'v lived in Utah most my life but we moved to The Valley in Cali. Nice to meet y'll one thing you need to know about me. I'm a big Big BIG Sepideh fan. HUGE! I think she WILL be the new Shohreh. haha Anyways whats your opinions on her new video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTnXr766At0