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  1. fefe


    hey, well another p2p music download program is Morpheus. Of course, like everything else it's got spyware - but it's just another option. oh, and u can download it here... see ya, fefe
  2. fefe

    If women controlled the world...

    my heart doesn't lead me! :huh: (Have u read A Street Car Named Desire Behnoushy jan? [on ur siggy]) fefe
  3. fefe

    Words Association Game

    jeez...I wonder why. <_< :p Keano and his EX (...sorry, just read that other thread...hehe) fefe
  4. fefe

    Answer and ask the next person

    I don't. same q.
  5. fefe

    Go Random

    loooooooooooooooooooooooool fefe
  6. fefe

    Answer and ask the next person

    lol...now and then... same Q fefe
  7. fefe

    Words Association Game

    ;) milk
  8. fefe

    HaHaHa Euro 2004

    looooooooool.... :p fefe
  9. fefe

    If women controlled the world...

    hmmm...I am so iffy on this issue...I guess men do have a rather large ego taht I dun always see in girls...so I think girls will be humanitarians while men are more power dowminating... but how many margaret thatchers and gandhis are there in the world? There are so many exceptions... *sigh*..this only brings me to the conclusion - elect anyone who is truly willing to help the society...if u are in doubt, choose the woman!! fefe
  10. fefe


    wait a minute...I STILL dun get this...are neda and phoenix both eni jooni's sisters?? :huh: fefe
  11. fefe

    what s wrong with this world?

    Keano as King might be one of the things wrong with this world...along with abuse of nuclear power. <_< u know another problem? THE MEDIA!! fefe
  12. fefe

    Answer and ask the next person

    ^^tsk tsk... ...y do we even try to expect more from guys?... :p :p j/k! and since there is no q in the above post, who likes cheesecake??! :p fefe
  13. fefe

    Words Association Game

    A girl... *sigh*...ok then...let's see...why would a guy pretend to be a girl, confess, and then keep pretending?!? fefe
  14. fefe

    I dislike...

    ^^HAHA^^ I dislike it when mahan still disbelieves the fact that I am a giiirl... fefe
  15. fefe

    Big Announcement by the King