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    OK I'm opening this one up, and here you will place a saying that you will never say in real life. Its all for fun now... this is not to be taken into account! I'll start first... All Hail to the Mullahs ...now remember its things you'll never want to say or think you would say. So follow the trend here!
  2. Real-Mahan2010

    Spanish or Italian guys?!

    Expect for my sis, but you can still answer sis ;) Who would you Persian Ladies decide to go out with? Let me hear your answer to the poll AND your thoughts or fanstasies.
  3. Real-Mahan2010


    Salam! AC MILAN AS ROMA ESTEGHLAL those are my favorite teams! So how about it?!? Lets talk about futbal.. unless you want to talk about a girl's body... I would love to talk about that too!! :p gotta go see you all later!
  4. Real-Mahan2010


    Hey there bro.. DON'T FORGET ME!!! :DD SUPER MILAN ALL THE WAY!!! Unlike my teams, AS Roma and Real Madrid CF.... the RossoNeri still have that chance for a treble!!! Did you catch the game aganist Atalanta?!?! when Pirlo scored in the last second?!? I COULDN'T BELIEVE THAT GOAL!!! I jumped sssssooo high!!! :DD btw I am back after Easter.. becuase cutting my time on fourm is what I'm doing for Lent. Your bro Real-Mahan2010©®
  5. Real-Mahan2010

    Good-Bye thread

    alright, gotta jet!! I enjoy this, let do this some other time KHOSH BEGZARE REAL-MAHAN2010©® WANNA SAY HI TO MY SIS SHEYTOONAK AND BEHNOUSHY IN HERE!! :bye: MISS YA!!! :c
  6. Real-Mahan2010

    Go Random

    .. I'll get to my point... The type of music I love to listen to are ~TRANCE~, 80's Metal, Old School Gangster Rap and Persian music. come on feel the noise.. is an old 80's Metal song by a group call Quiet Riot. So I felt like saying " come on feel the noise, girls rockin' boys .. " that's part of the lyrics. get it now?!
  7. Real-Mahan2010

    I dislike...

    .. its nothing like that. just memories that keep lingering.
  8. Real-Mahan2010

    Come & Moan Here...

    I wanna moan about my present state in life, @ times I feel so trapped and going no where becuase I'm prisoner of those memories. . .. which I can not disclose. But other times I feel most of my life was just series of bad decision. But what really ticks me off about me is that I have become ssssooo indecivise in simpler things. I would gladly trade your troubles with mine, becuase @ least I can have piece of mind.
  9. Real-Mahan2010

    Hi, Irani french in Korea

    hey there, you should care, they are your roots. Look @ me.. I'm like a total Persian hardcore for years but I have never forgotten my Spanish - Italian roots. They will always be with me, but @ these times.. I want to be fully involved in the Persian way of things. good luck REAL-MAHAN2010©®
  10. Real-Mahan2010

    Welcome Leyla and Behnoushi joonam!!

    ?? ma sis Behnoush is back!?! :DD
  11. Real-Mahan2010

    I dislike...

    awww sweety whats wrong? 45110[/snapback] too much! I totally dislike Valentine's Day coming up! :rt
  12. Real-Mahan2010

    I love...

    how many du u have? 45115[/snapback] 4 .. 3 that were here and one in Isfahan
  13. Real-Mahan2010

    Go Random

    .. come on feel the noise, girls rockin boys! )
  14. Real-Mahan2010


    I always knew that was uno Brasliana, I can tell by the beach behind her.. their beaches are unique
  15. Real-Mahan2010

    I love...

    I love to see all of my sis happy
  16. Real-Mahan2010


    .. I'm thinking about posting my baby pix again. I had before somewhere in the back of this site!
  17. Real-Mahan2010

    I dislike...

    .. my life :c
  18. Real-Mahan2010


    what my sis BehnoushY name is NOT not on the list??!! :no:
  19. Real-Mahan2010

    Is Iran next?

    people... lets not forget the blasphemer said he wants to rid of all tyranny from the world. What really gets me is.. who does bush think he is to say he is a liberator?? He wants to do what he did in Iraq and that is liberator Iraq from saddam... and which his original cause to go to war with saddam was about WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) .. now that there isn't any.. he has changed the mission. Who is he to say that Iran needs to be liberated by him... who does he think he is?!? Only Iranians can decide our own destiny.. not an oil fiend from Texas. If the mullahs is to be overthrown.. it has to come from within, NOT from outside. If bush wants to be involved in Arabs affairs, so be it, but stay away from Persian affairs!!!! If we want Iran to be liberated from these religious fascist, the mullahs, we OURSELVES should revolt and change our destiny.
  20. Real-Mahan2010

    Good-Bye thread

    See you guys around.. good night Bia2!
  21. Real-Mahan2010


    hhm I really don't feel like it but for a limited time... this is me.. The Artist Formerly Known as Farshid
  22. Real-Mahan2010

    Words Association Game

    toilet seat
  23. Real-Mahan2010

    Adults only

    I personally don't believe in prieces... well only @ one place. :ad oh hello there Kitty Cat, my name is Real-Mahan2010©® Welcome to Bia2! I'm here every now and then, but happy to see you here Persian or not?!? just a question.. and not that it matter if you are not Persian in this here site!
  24. Real-Mahan2010

    Answer and ask the next person

    not crazy about it.. but would eat it. Question: what music or song are you listening to @ this moment
  25. Real-Mahan2010

    Hotties' Pix!

    :DD Hey there Dodo Jan.. how are things?!?!? My nephew and niece said HI to the Wiggles. and you and the Wiggles are neigbors.. mabye you can pass on the message! great being back.. and ooowww the site looks cool!!