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    futbal, chicks, computers, Democracts, pizza, spanish food, Persian music, Trance music, Gatchaman, Voltron, dokhtar irani, my sis Phinny-Winny and my sis Neda and my sis Behnoush and my sis Sheytoonak
  1. Real-Mahan2010


    Hey there bro.. DON'T FORGET ME!!! :DD SUPER MILAN ALL THE WAY!!! Unlike my teams, AS Roma and Real Madrid CF.... the RossoNeri still have that chance for a treble!!! Did you catch the game aganist Atalanta?!?! when Pirlo scored in the last second?!? I COULDN'T BELIEVE THAT GOAL!!! I jumped sssssooo high!!! :DD btw I am back after Easter.. becuase cutting my time on fourm is what I'm doing for Lent. Your bro Real-Mahan2010©®
  2. Real-Mahan2010

    Good-Bye thread

    alright, gotta jet!! I enjoy this, let do this some other time KHOSH BEGZARE REAL-MAHAN2010©® WANNA SAY HI TO MY SIS SHEYTOONAK AND BEHNOUSHY IN HERE!! :bye: MISS YA!!! :c
  3. Real-Mahan2010

    Go Random

    .. I'll get to my point... The type of music I love to listen to are ~TRANCE~, 80's Metal, Old School Gangster Rap and Persian music. come on feel the noise.. is an old 80's Metal song by a group call Quiet Riot. So I felt like saying " come on feel the noise, girls rockin' boys .. " that's part of the lyrics. get it now?!
  4. Real-Mahan2010

    I dislike...

    .. its nothing like that. just memories that keep lingering.
  5. Real-Mahan2010

    Come & Moan Here...

    I wanna moan about my present state in life, @ times I feel so trapped and going no where becuase I'm prisoner of those memories. . .. which I can not disclose. But other times I feel most of my life was just series of bad decision. But what really ticks me off about me is that I have become ssssooo indecivise in simpler things. I would gladly trade your troubles with mine, becuase @ least I can have piece of mind.
  6. Real-Mahan2010

    Hi, Irani french in Korea

    hey there, you should care, they are your roots. Look @ me.. I'm like a total Persian hardcore for years but I have never forgotten my Spanish - Italian roots. They will always be with me, but @ these times.. I want to be fully involved in the Persian way of things. good luck REAL-MAHAN2010©®
  7. Real-Mahan2010

    Welcome Leyla and Behnoushi joonam!!

    ?? ma sis Behnoush is back!?! :DD
  8. Real-Mahan2010

    I dislike...

    awww sweety whats wrong? 45110[/snapback] too much! I totally dislike Valentine's Day coming up! :rt
  9. Real-Mahan2010

    I love...

    how many du u have? 45115[/snapback] 4 .. 3 that were here and one in Isfahan
  10. Real-Mahan2010

    Go Random

    .. come on feel the noise, girls rockin boys! )
  11. Real-Mahan2010


    I always knew that was uno Brasliana, I can tell by the beach behind her.. their beaches are unique
  12. Real-Mahan2010

    I love...

    I love to see all of my sis happy
  13. Real-Mahan2010


    .. I'm thinking about posting my baby pix again. I had before somewhere in the back of this site!
  14. Real-Mahan2010

    I dislike...

    .. my life :c
  15. Real-Mahan2010


    what my sis BehnoushY name is NOT not on the list??!! :no: