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  1. persianpapi

    Region-free BLU-RAY titles

    explain a tad further please?
  2. persianpapi

    Hi to all new members!

    yeah was there 4 like 13 years!
  3. persianpapi

    Hi to all new members!

    Hey watsup Bia2 members?! My name is AmirJohn I live in Gainesville, Florida! Born here in Gatorville & have also lived in Charleston, South Carolina. My dad is Iranian & my mamma's American. So makes me Iranican! :clap2: Still learnin farsi so all you hajji's & hajj khanooms bare wit me :DD Been to Iran only 2 X's! Prob not goin again anytime soon Am looking 4ward 2 speaking with new people througout this forums & elsewhere. Holla! Salam, chekhabar?! Man AmirJohn hastam. Zendegi mikonam 2 shahr'e Gainesville, FL! 2 donya oomadam eena shahr. zendegi kardam 2 shahr'e Charleston SC. Pedaram Irooni va madaram Amrikai. Farsi yad migiram. Tamrin mikonam. Raftam Iran 2bar. Zood nemiyam Iran alan. Felan! (haha my intro in farsi prob sounds all jacked up but o well! feel free 2 teach me new words anytime or help me correct my farsi grammar. lookin 4ward 2 speakin with yall)
  4. in the washroom of the art studio @ college
  5. persianpapi

    Sex-A-Poll (Our Life)

    haha! i voted #8!