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    It is pathetic to know that THIS is our Iran. A pathetic group of middle-class, Americanized Iranians who's only understanding of the news is random headlines. The Mullahs are not perfect, but they are surely much better than any alternative we could have. Do you want a return of the dictatorship and puppet-government the Shah had? Or would you prefer all those traitor parties in USA, who get their paychecks from the US government? Or maybe you want the Mujaheeden party? Or hey, how about Shah's son, who is now speaking of democracy, when his father and his grandfather never brought about democracy? Iran is surrounded by enemies, and targeted by the USA. It has only been 30 years since the first democracy in its HISTORY, and it has been cut off from the world, had put sanctions on, and was forced to defend its country in a 8 year war. Ahmadinejad may not be perfect, but he still makes some right choices. Let's try to understand the complexity of the Iran situation, rather than just listening to the constant western propaganda.
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    I know this might seem like spam, but its really not. I've started a site for Iranian torrents, mainly because when it comes to getting Iranian movies online, we are way behind other countries. Doesn't matter that our movies are always a critical festival hit, we still seem to way behind when it comes to online torrent availability. I mean, we have good sites for Indian, Korean, Japanese, European, etc movies, but its a hassle to find anything Iranian. So, I figured I'd start something, get the ball rolling, and hopefully generate some interest. Therefore, if you are into Iranian Cinema, pop in, download a few things, seed them so others can download them, and be part of the community. What I'd also like is some rippers and people who can subtitle. Either way, looking forward to have you join the team.