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  1. Angel

    What's your hair type?

    I wanted to make this a poll but i'd be left with a million choices? So what colour, texture, length is your hair? AND What colour, texture, length to you prefer in the opposite sex?
  2. Describe your biggest heartbreak and what you learned from it.
  3. Angel

    What did you wear today?

    I'm bored sooo....:bl Today hasn't started so yesterday I wore black pouffy skirt, black tank top with blue collared blouse over it + a lighter blue jacket. Black gucci bag with kenneth cole flats!! :clap2: :clap2: and pictures are welcome! :dance_baby_wft:
  4. Toofi made me think of a new topic Ok, so some guys play around. Some girls also do that as well. So here's the question. What "type" of girl/guy is 'used' to play around with? What kind of attributes, both physically and mentally. Now GO!
  5. sorry if I left anyone out didn't mean it. so let me know if i did!
  6. Ok, in your opinion how much difference is too much? Does age even matter?
  7. Angel


    So, everyone probably knows by now that I'm totally into fashion and that I stay on top of the latest trends. I also believe that everyone has their own unique style. Maybe even a signature piece like how Mariah Carey has her butterflies. So here are the questions: 1) Define your style 2) What are your favourite so-called 'trends' of this season? 3) What accessories can you not live without? I'm such a fashion whore. :dance_baby_wft: :dance_baby_wft: :clap2: :happy_wft: :harhar_wft[1]:
  8. Angel


    I'll never have any. Ever. I'm too much of a child myself to be able to handle it. :angry:
  9. Angel

    Shoes & Handbags

    Specially made for dodo Your spring/summer 2005 buys for shoes and handbags POST!
  10. Death toll: Lebanon = 900+ Mostly civilian with ONE THIRD CHILDREN UNDER TWELVE. One million people displaced. 3,000 wounded. This is as reported by the Lebanese Prime Minister but since we have very pro-israeli people here who probably wouldn't believe anything other than state-run BIASED media by americans and israeli's i have another figure: 530 Dead: 454 civilians, 26 lebanese soldiers (there for the protection of the civilians) and ONLY 50 Hezbollah fighters. 1,000,000 displaced. Israel = 68: 41 soldiers, 27 civilians. 300,000 displaced. I hate wars because it is the regular people like you and me who suffer. whether they are lebanese, israeli, or from anywhere it doesn't really matter. Human suffering is the same all over the world and these murders are what creates hate, spreads it, and makes it continue decade after decade after decade. Everyone has people who care about them. In the end everyone is someone's child, someone's loved one.....they had their whole life ahead of them. It's just a useless, never-ending, game of "chess". with people planning and strategizing..but it will end up in a stalemate - because no one wins in wars. Everyone loses.
  11. Angel


    im not a happy camper but i am sure i must be close!
  12. Angel

    Death penalty

    against. 1) i don't like the whole "eye for an eye" theory. 2) I think it's more torture to be locked away in a cell with no sunlight away from family and friends....but then that's just me.
  13. Angel


  14. Angel


    well i typically am...but....well i will try and get back to you once the dizzy spells are over. :haha:
  15. Angel

    ***Congratulations Angie***

    thanks guys.
  16. Angel

    ***Congratulations Angie***

    since when is that a law? I had never heard of it.
  17. Angel

    P O U R Y A R A Z Z I!!!

    taze beeshtar be kar miyofte!! :haha:
  18. Angel


    i see it now thanks pourya but all the triangles are making me dizzyyyyyyyyyyyy
  19. Angel

    ***Congratulations Angie***

    wait let me check...... yup. i'm married.
  20. Angel

    Adult discussions, Only! ( 18+ )

    everywhere. everywhere. everywhere!!! :DD
  21. Angel

    P O U R Y A R A Z Z I!!!

    ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh pouryaaaaaaaaaaa you know what i meantttttttttttttttt :no: lol
  22. Angel


    i still dont see it!
  23. Angel

    ***Congratulations Angie***

    Siamack: What do you mean 'hamin'? Divoonesho: mersi :bl and i know...it even feels odd for me when i say I AM MARRIED.