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  1. even better! Thanx for the welcome azizam
  2. mahnaz

    Bia2 Rumours...something fishy goin on?

  3. mahnaz

    Moein - Yek halgheye talaii

    i love moein :clap2: and that song
  4. mahnaz

    SH A GH A Y E GH

    whatever she does, shes breathtaking! it kinda pisses me off somtimes, llol i saw her in Vegas last year, and she looked like a supermodel walking out of a magazine :t !! shes like 5'10" or somthing, with a nice body. NEways, shes really cute. BUT i'm still cuter ;) -Mahnaz
  5. From guys i think KAMRAN is really sexy (kamran & hooman) he's got that Johnny Depp look . But if i had to be totally honest, i mean even though im a girl, i have to say SHAGHAYEGH kicks Azz in beauty, she's got that sexy Hollywood look
  6. mahnaz

    Most Desirable Female Singer?

    i voted for SHAGHAYEGH allllll the way...this girl is toooo god damn beautiful. :air_kiss_wft: www.claudialynx.com check out her new pics :air_kiss_wft: -by the way my name is Mahnaz