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  1. Keano

    Big Announcement by the King

    Hahaha how can I forget you mama? NiKKi (See I still remember how much you loved your name with 2 Ks ) Good to see you around. Hope you're doing fine!
  2. Keano

    Big Announcement by the King

    I know non of our beloved old members are around any longer, but still felt like dropping by and say I miss y'all! BTW may y'all KMBB!
  3. Keano

    Shahs of Sunset

    Wow just noticed this username, how sad is that? because today Habib passed away. R.I.P.
  4. Keano

    Shahs of Sunset

    Guilty as charged after resisting to watch the first 2 seasons, I finally gave in (Thanks to someone) and then got hooked on it. So been watching and hers mikhoram...
  5. Keano


    I don't miss our golden days on this forum!
  6. Keano

    Big Announcement by the King

    Oh man, good old days. So much memories here... Miss those golden days!
  7. Keano

    Farsi word association thread

  8. Keano

    I Can't Wait...

    Why you include me in the question Dodsy? Yeah I heard Pishi khaanoom is supposed to do a mini skirt so that Koji's camera can cruise through under
  9. Keano

    Az khod tarif konid

    ^^^^^ Vaah Vaah Vaah Be ghole torka gooshte badanemoon rikht
  10. Keano

    Answer and ask the next person

    Haha Q) When was the last time you KMBB? and also who do think is going to be next old timer making a come back to Bia2?
  11. Keano

    THIS or THAT

    Uhhhh Concerts but I also love Sporting events too, but Concerts first iPhone or Samsung phones?
  12. Keano

    Farsi word association thread

  13. Keano

    Az khod tarif konid

    ^^^^ Ta nabinim, baavaremaan nashavad nane joon!
  14. Keano

    What's your favorite drink?

    Nope, Whiskey with ice is good. Ice can ruin Cognac though Do you drink Whiskey?
  15. Keano

    Farsi word association thread