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    iranian singers Vs L.A (iranians)

    Iranian singers generaly use better lyrics cause they have a wider range to choose from being in Iran. and I hate to say it but they know alot more about "persian music" and "persian notes" than the singers in LA. which makes them come up with better arrangements and better music quality overall.
  2. ~Mahsa~

    I want to dump my gf/bf

    LOL with that attitude no wonder why you get treated the way you do
  3. ~Mahsa~

    >>>>> MAXX <<<<<

    I dont really get why it mad eit really big, im guessing its due to it getting banned in iran, sure it had funny "bits" but it was nothing special.
  4. ~Mahsa~

    Is Sacha Baron Cohen half Iranian?

    mybe its just me but i enjoyed borat as part of the ali G series more than the movie i think the movie took it way too far...it was the same concepts but he had taken it to the extreme..so even though i enjoyed the movie i think he could have done a better job
  5. ~Mahsa~

    Persian caveman's remote control

    LOOLL loved the "mame" part
  6. I dont think it was staged! why would he make such a dumb move? it could have gone horribly wrong.. the reason that they didnt react was because it was i think a few days before the election and ahmadi nejhad didnt want to lose even more votes to hashemi..
  7. ~Mahsa~

    I want to dump my gf/bf

    im sorry but i think you are ***Edited out***no offence but your story doesnt add up...clear example : you cant take contraception and not know, trust me your body changes. if any of is true then youre just a wuss, you come here and tell a bunch of random people about your problems but you wont say it to your wifes face and youre wondering why nothing gets better! and if you really cant and youre scared for your life, file for divorce and go to the police and get an avo.. ***Edited out*** behinde someones back doesnt make anything better for you Please re-consider your approach!
  8. ~Mahsa~

    Sepideh's New Album/Videos/Songs Promo

    Yay less koji for everyone
  9. ~Mahsa~

    Sepideh's New Album/Videos/Songs Promo

    Whos done her videos?
  10. ~Mahsa~

    Report Song Rip-Offs!!!

    Shahram K's Gole yakh remindes me of a turkish song which i cant rememeber the name of, it could just be a bit similar though does neone knw if its a rip off?
  11. ~Mahsa~


  12. ~Mahsa~

    what are you listening to

    Shahram K - Game Over I had no idea he could act, how great is "gole yakh" video! thats a hard song to sing to and hes done a Great job and man can he act!! In my opinion this is the best LA album this year!
  13. ~Mahsa~

    New Singer: Sasha

    I have to admit he does have a nice voice i just hope he makes better videos
  14. ~Mahsa~

    Idin vs Mohamad

    Idin, apart from having a better voice, he actually knows how to sing