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  1. Bia-Ped


    Wow he looks unrecognisable there, very gaunt. I think Fox is an ambitious method actor, in the way Bale is. He can't just do a role, he hasto be the role. I was hoping by now he would have established himself on the big screen, but to be honest I think he has taken the wrong projects.
  2. Bia-Ped


    I quite enjoyed Vantage Point pourya jan, and thought Fox gave a strong performance. Contrary to Fox's own ambitions, I believe his talents reside in TV, where he can really develop a character. With all the sh*t that came with LOST in the end, Fox's portrayal remains intact for me as one of the finest characters in television to date...
  3. :star1: :star1: Really like this latest Farjam track. Always admired his voice, which I have found in the past to be underutilised. This track though really has the ingredients to support it, with an instant chorus and infectious hook. It is not perfect, the intro suffers from an imperfect marriage of electro and acoustic. It recovers though, and delivers somewhat of an anthem. Kudos to the promo vid casting too, the chick is hottt!
  4. Bia-Ped

    Omid in Prison Break?

    Wuhahaha!! Perhaps there is a subliminal message intended here Pourya jan, is this legit, or was this the work of some photoshop proficient fan?
  5. Bia-Ped

    Idin - Az Ki Beporsam (video)

    Hehe this looks like old IDIN but the song has all the marking of new IDIN! For me, "Guess" was one of the finest Persian releases of the past 10 years. A stellar, eclectic record, that really promised a bright career for "the voice" (I always hated that!) You know its a bad video when the focus of it is a pair of sunglasses! I mean, where is the creative direction here? Where is the effort to form an artistic unison with the music. The two go together like chalk and cheese. It's amazing how much a good video can sometimes elevate a mediocre song, but this only brought the song down further. A shame because I know Idin is capable of much much more. He has proved it, he just needs to assemble the right team to re-align his trajectory.
  6. Bia-Ped

    Babak Jahanbakhsh - Oxygen (album)

    :star1: :star3: IMO this suffers from the syndrome pervading the domestic industry, that being a reasonable production but little in terms of songwriting. It is not without merit, there are some strong points for sure. The title track in particular is a highlight, but those highlights are interspersed with mediocrity. This will serve a purpose as background music, but ultimately it is a forgettable and underwhelming experience. I remember hearing Jahanbakhsh's promising "Chi Shodeh" some time ago, which had all the right ingredients such as melody, arrangement, progression, so it is a shame to see a regression materialised in this latest release. Edit: I forgot to note that some of the mixing of the tracks is very bad.
  7. Bia-Ped

    ***L O S T***

    Aaa man that's awesome, you should get framed pourya jan! Was she as radiant in person?
  8. Bia-Ped

    TV-SERIES (no spoilers!)

    Guys! I hop you're both well. Very happy to see this thread resurrected! It has always been a pleasure sharing our TV experiences in here, suffice to say I've picked up many recommendations here in the past years. So glad to hear you enjoyed 24 keano jan. Breaking Bad is also one of my fave shows of all time now, just hoping they give it a conclusion it deserves to seal its legacy. Right now I'm watching The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Boss, House of Cards, Californication. Now just waiting for Game of Thrones and Mad Men to resume in the next week or so.
  9. Bia-Ped

    TV-SERIES (no spoilers!)

    Hey keano!! Happy Norooz to you too, Hope all is well? I've only seen a few episodes of Pacific, since I'm not a great fan of the old war genre, I found it very boring. Nice production though. Most fans of the Band of Brothers enjoy it, but concede it is not up to the same quality. Spielberg has a patchy record in television, his most recent series was a major flop too (the name of which escapes me). After a few years of decline, television series seem to be picking up again in terms of quality. I've just finished Homeland, which was excellent. Game of Thrones, Mad Men and Touch seem to be the biggest series around at the moment. If you haven't seen Game of Thrones yet keano jan then I highly recommend it. The best series in a long time, I'm sure pourya will also attest to that!
  10. Bia-Ped

    TV-SERIES (no spoilers!)

    I think I'll wait for the GoT boxset, as it is such a good package I'm willing to wait. Have you seen "The Killing" series pourya jan? Either the Danish or the US version... A friend recommended to me, I might give it a go.
  11. Bia-Ped

    TV-SERIES (no spoilers!)

    The pilot gripped me pourya jan, it has that element of character mystery that just compels you to theorise. I hope it continues with such quality! Will you be watching Game of Thrones S2 next week?
  12. Bia-Ped

    TV-SERIES (no spoilers!)

    I'm yet to watch the new Mad Men ep either. It's been getting quite a lot of coverage recently in the press, universally praised it seems, which is worrying lol. I started Homeland this week, has started really well, I can see myself getting hooked on this one. Have you seen it pourya jan?
  13. Bia-Ped

    TV-SERIES (no spoilers!)

    Hehe did you see this weeks penultimate Cali episode pourya jan? Another season ending with Hank going back to New York and on the cusp of reconciliation with Karen, i'm sure we've been here before!!!! ? They really are short of ideas. I'll be watching Touch tomorrow, see how it develops. At least GoT and Mad Men are on the way :happy_wft:
  14. Bia-Ped

    TV-SERIES (no spoilers!)

    This week was the premier of "Touch", I've just seen the pilot and it was perfectly watchable but didn't really capture any sort of enthusiasm in me. There are some nice elements to the story, but nothing seems exceptionally ground-breaking. The concept is basically borrowed from many other recent films, the "super smart" kid cliché is one of my pet hates in Hollywood. It is overused and gimmicky. I must however lend credit where it is due. There are some nice plot links and a cohesion that is makes it at least engaging.
  15. Bia-Ped

    TV-SERIES (no spoilers!)

    I was pleasantly surprised too, not being a fan of the genre, but it really captivated me from the very first episode. I'm just about to watch the season finale :dance_baby_wft: Yes, the UK edition is exactly the same, but for two small details...... 1) Yes, you guessed it pourya jan - the censorship logos!! 2) The front slip cover has a blue Blu Ray bar across the top. Just to make absolutely certain for those UK consumers that it is a BD edition! Aside from those, the package is identical. I have to say the presentation and materials are fantastic for a standard edition TV set. It is more in line with the excellent packages of Pacific and Band of Brothers.