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  1. phoenix

    When should u lose it?

    lol @ eeni.. hope its cathrine bell then ;) btw.. check ur note on IPF :p
  2. phoenix

    When should u lose it?

    about if mom knows bout it... as for me the whole family doesnt accept that, including me.. verginity is not the thing which is misunderstood here..marriage is <_< so my mom & dad are so confident that it wont happen in the family since we were raised on the basis we believe is best for us..
  3. phoenix

    Diarrhoea problem!

    Gee..thats so annoying.. thanx lord i havent been in this situation! but in case it happens in future, best thing i do is to either talk with my friends loud enough to cover up for the noise!! or put the responsibility on them..!! like saying "u know my stomach cant stand peanuts..now smell what happened!!" :p eww..
  4. phoenix


    akhey behnoushy joon.. soghati yadet nare ;) .. have fun in iran & c u soon .. mouch :X
  5. phoenix

    When should u lose it?

    well..not all guys.. you know! but girls have to test guys ..
  6. phoenix

    When should u lose it?

    the title made me a bit <_< .. a bit of what mahan said is true.. no guy worth it.. mostly girls in the age of 15 dream about guys & they think they are loved..in the other side, guys -without specifying ages- mainly think about sex not love.. so never believe guys sweet words <_< if ure lookin to lose it without regrettin it someday.. if a girl regretted losing her verginity either she'll become a nun or slut!! lol! girls -& guys- have to think bout it carefully..
  7. phoenix

    **Describe all members' charactersitics!**

    lol @ u guys!! actually no one more than mahani knows about me.. & im so hard to get into knowing others.. its true i come here & bla bla ALOT.. but i notice that ppl barely know me.. thats a + for me!! :ph34r: -mysterious girl-
  8. phoenix

    Words Association Game

    MAFIAS :ph34r:
  9. phoenix


    lol @ pourya.. now im doubting ure arab in fact there r 2 new songs that i love & listen to them like 24/7.. 1. dina hayek- leh handee' 2. yuri mrkadi- bhebbak moot
  10. phoenix


    khoobe khoobam! how r u?! koja boodi baba? mahani was lookin 4 u everywhere like crazy! it good ure here!!
  11. phoenix

    **Describe all members' charactersitics!**

    good 1 keano joon... i wish some 1 other than mahani writes bout my characteristics coz i guess he's a lil bias!!.. well well.. ih ave to get used to you guys so that i know you better..though i know some few here like behnoushy,donya,sahari,mahan joon, aso-googoosh!, kimo, angel...etc! but i cant yet analyze them.. 1 thing for sure keano..you dont know the whole truth about mahan !! <_< el.
  12. phoenix

    Top 10 most beautiful women (Naturally)

    lol@ keano & his best celebrity legs!!... why some sites do such funny polls voting for ugliest names of celebrities blabla...!! as for the most beau women.. she got my vote .. http://www.iwebu.com/beauty/data/media/6/tn___4.jpg
  13. phoenix


    havent heared lately of konica digi-cams.. i work @ electronics store..& the best so far is the new Cannons 5 MPixel digi cam.. its about $ 560.. its cool & easy to use
  14. phoenix

    I Miss...

    heyy..PROF. behnooush eeni joon just told me that we have a new sis!! our family is growing..GR8!! bout angel..well, she hasnt been around on IPF lately too.. wonder where she is!!
  15. phoenix

    I Miss...

    missed you sooooo sahari i surely am stayin this time ... dont worry :p -but id leave on aug. for my vacation- <_< so... GREECE won the euro2004..good for them.. i always liked the not-so-famous teams .. i was supporting Croatia on the french mondeal..last time i reaaally watched good futtball games!!