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    Can you live in Iran??

    I think about this a lot....Can I live in Iran? How would my life be like? Can I live in a country where I as a woman don't have many rights? Can I live in a country which is ruled by the ones that I hate most, akhonds?? Do I want my children to grow up there? Would I miss Sweden & my life here? I'm so confused...I guess that I have to live there to get my answers! I love the idea of living in my own country, with my bf & relatives. But then again I'm not sure if I can....
  2. Aso

    Where are all the parsmusic folks??!

    I'm here 2....
  3. Aso


    I hate you all... :p
  4. Aso

    dirooz zelzele oomad...:((

    hey guys it's moi I'm in Iran right now...jaye hamatoon khalie (oonaei ke Iran nistan) I have so much fun here. The only thing that was not fun was yesterday's earthquake i'm in Sari right now and we really felt the erathquake here...fek kardam ke alan saghf mirize roo saremoon :blink: lol vali khoda ro shokr inja etefaghi nayoftad...this was my first earthquake!! :ph34r: khoda kone dige inghad zelzele too Iran nayad! :blink: anyway I miss u guys but unfortunately I can't be online very often. (I have other things to do! :p ;) ) ok take care guys...boos!
  5. Aso

    TO: Aso-Googoosh Jan

    akheeey mahani joonam thank u for caring. as I said before I'm fine so don't worry.;) The earthquake wasn't that strong where I am. Thanks again Ronaldo jan!
  6. Aso

    dirooz zelzele oomad...:((

    awww thanks Pourya, Sima, Ronaldo and behi jan. Mahani joon have u made athread for me??!! :o I'm gonna go and find it right now! lol @ Behi joonam U know I use a manto that I bought here in Iran last year but I'm sure that u can find something like manto in Canada. it doesn't have to be too long...u should see the girl over here. hame shalvaraye kootah ba mantoye kheyli kootah mipooshan... btw if u'r going to Teahran please be carefull. Shayad baz zelzele biad... see u later guys...
  7. Aso

    What did you eat and heard today??

    hey guys! well tomorrow is the DAY! Finally I'm going to Iran!!! I don't think I'll sleep tonight...I'm too excited! anyway I'll try to visit bia2 while I'm in Iran...wish u guys could come with me. ;)
  8. Aso

    Answer and ask the next person

    eternal love of course. Same Q
  9. Aso

    movie review

    loool I'm glad that u like my "taste"!
  10. Aso

    movie review

    How can u say that Troy is boring??? :o I just saw it tonight and I have to say that it's a great movie!! Not as good as The Gladiator but still good. kheyli hayejan dasht... & and Brad Pitt is soooooooo good!
  11. Aso

    Which Religion Do You Foloow

    I don't have a religion!
  12. Aso

    differnt. Wich one do you belong to.

    Yes my mom's from Hamedan. Oh I love Sanandaj. I've only been to Sanandaj once but I loved it. really?? u've been there? well I love Sanandaj too... :p
  13. Aso


    hehe yeah that was me!!
  14. Aso

    Answer and ask the next person

    Being happy & close to those that I love! Same Q
  15. Aso

    Hey guys..

    hey Sepideh jan...welcome aziz! ;)
  16. Aso

    i love...

    I NEED A TARANSLATOR!!! :blink: What language is this? :p
  17. looool akhey Twinni joon (sorry I can't call u Kimo u'r Twinni 4 me :p ) hala chera narahat boodi? Babat hatman ye chizi midoone ke porside zan mikhay!! Tell us who is she?? :p ;)
  18. Aso


    hey Behi jan...welcome back! ;) well I've finally bought my Iran Air ticket! I'm going on Saturday & I'll be back on august 14!! Threeeeeeee months in Iran with my baby and my aziz relatives! I heard that u'll visit Iran too...maybe we'll meet in Hamedan! ;)
  19. Aso

    differnt. Wich one do you belong to.

    awww Behi jan is your mom from Hamedan? my aunt and cousins live in Hamedan! I like that city...and it's near Sanandaj, only 2 hours!
  20. Aso

    What is your persian habit?

    loooooool well I haven't tried but maybe I will! :p
  21. Aso

    What is your persian habit?

    loooool well u can drink tea and eat yoghurt (with bread) for breakfast! :p
  22. salaaaaaaaam Twinni=Kimo!!! Koja boodi to??
  23. Aso

    What is your persian habit?

    awww merci mahani joonam!
  24. Aso

    What is your persian habit?

    hahaha we have lots of things in common DonYaA joon... :p