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  1. Aso


    lol I've heard this before...
  2. Aso

    Hidden Web Cam

    This is why I miss PMN & why PMN was the best...
  3. Aso

    C'est moi, moi

    hey Gita joonam khoobi khanoomi? I'm so glad that u came!
  4. Aso

    I love...

    How come it doesn't work on my comp?!!! ERRR it doesn't work? try again...it's soooo cool!
  5. Aso


    right again! :p next: Behi khanoomi
  6. Aso


    awww Nikou jan I'm so glad that u joined us here of course we missed u...
  7. Aso

    Answer and ask the next person

    10 minutes ago... Q: have u ever done something really sick?
  8. Aso


    yeah it's me next: Mahan-Ronaldo
  9. Aso

    J O K E S

    torke ba khoda davaash mishe ghahr mikonee; sobh boland mishe namaaz sobh bekhune mige:"2 rakat namaz-e sobh mikhunam be hich kasam rabty nadare"!!
  10. Aso

    Taking Asylum

    I know Keano! I love Beyonce and her new albume...she's so beautiful!
  11. Aso

    I love...

    I love the new yahoo messenger! it's cool!
  12. OMG Mardoomi and Amir the killer!! :o loool u guys remind me of eachother u know...lol it's gonna be interesting to read Amir's answer...
  13. Aso

    A/S/L People

    loool I'm Aso, 22 (almost 23), female, from Sweden
  14. Aso

    A funny game

    khafe shodam! I'm shutting up!
  15. hahahahahahahaha funny thread! Omidvaram saresho naboride bashan too Iran...lol
  16. Aso

    Rumors X Rumors

  17. Aso

    Lets make the looongest story :D

    We had a teacher , He was handsome But he always was yelling that we never listen to him... But what were we supposed to do?! He was so boring and we hated the course... so I walked out and join the next class across the hall, in which they taught math, where I learned that 3 is not equal to 12. But the teacher was so ugly, so I left that class too. And now I work as a thief...
  18. Aso

    Rumors X Rumors

    loool guys u know who Amir reminds me of? Mardoom Azar...lol I've heard that I Amir to kill u is Bin Laden! :blink:
  19. Aso

    Lets make the looongest story :D

    but the teacher was so ugly
  20. Aso

    Taking Asylum

    hey Keano jan...glad to see u here 2! ;) yeah I know what u mean, I want more smilies...
  21. I don't have a religion! I live after my own rules...and I hate people who use religion to do whatever Shoot they want! :angry:
  22. Aso

    I Miss...

    that was me missing PMN!
  23. Aso

    Words Association Game

  24. Aso

    I Can't Wait...

    I can't wait until may 22...that's when I go to Iran!