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  1. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    Everyone says i look like this person...

    yuhh i guess we will never find out... your old enough to have a girlfriend...but not old enough to post a pic of yourself..lol.??.
  2. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    hi all!

    hi : D im Yas from florida.!!.
  3. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    Rate the avatar above you!

    i can only see half you face...but that half is still too sexy : D 10/10
  4. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    what are you listening to

    paris hilton turn it uppp. its not that badd.lol. :haha:
  5. YasiJoonLovesYoux33


    nananana i liked the twins. you know the ones where one would lay on the floor and the other would stand on his legs haha.omg i loved footbalista and the capitan was hella hottttt.lol.
  6. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    Hey From the UK!

    Hi!!! Really? I wish i lived in Florida hehe. The grass is always greener on the other side huh .. lol yeah.but florida you think its fun down here. but ill give up club paris/disney/universal and all that crap to live in europe. it gets boring after a while here. i swear i know universal like the back of my hand.
  7. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    Who is single in here?

    ufffffff ...honey i am yours... :dance_baby_wft: ohhh shooot. man i forgot all about youu. :haha: i dont get it.............. ummm....im glad you think thats funny.lmao. but seriously i forgot about youu. Hmm.. i guess too much beans with salsa mexicana ummmmm i dont get it.............
  8. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    .......Today i smiled because........

    my mom tripped and she fell haha.omg it was great. :DD
  9. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    Marriage Ag

    ummm exactly 29. :dance_baby_wft:
  10. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    Hey From the UK!

    hello. i wish i lived in europe.... :DD
  11. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    Damn to Hezbollah & All their followers

    i agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  12. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    Farsi word association thread

    anteeck. haha. shooloogh.
  13. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    Words Association Game

    charts.lol. umm... sphyco.
  14. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    I Feel Like...

    i feel like sneeking out...but i cant cause i got alarm now.
  15. YasiJoonLovesYoux33


    :DD :clap2: :bl :DD youve got to be kidding .... ummm....excuse mee...no im dead serious lol. :punishing_wft:
  16. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    what are you listening to

    gimie dat remix...chris brown...
  17. YasiJoonLovesYoux33


    hes pretty damn sexy.
  18. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    Emoticons reflect our mood

    :thstarwars: :thstarwars: :thstarwars:
  19. YasiJoonLovesYoux33


    i had the biggest crush on a cartoon character. yuhh i was in love with rafael the ninja turtle. :bl
  20. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    If you had $100,000

    Put It in a bank.....invest it in somthing. but if i HAD to buy something...probably
  21. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    Adults only

    Nah keh hameyeh dokhtarayeh ioruni mashallah hanouz virgin hastan va az sex badeshoun miad ! hahahaha umm but we still dont post hundreds of naked pictures of guyss.lmao.
  22. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    bacheh kojaee?

    are azizam, mohem ineh keh darsato alan bekhuni,mashghato benevisi. umm ki gofteh man hamchin karey mikonam.lmao. Umm..pas chikar mikoni unjaha yavashaki, eh !? its a secrettt.....
  23. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    Adults only

    wow persian guys are dirtier then i thoughhttt. :punishing_wft:
  24. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    what did u do 2day??

    i went to the beachhh. then to club paris. yeahh i live in floridaaaa. :DD
  25. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    bacheh kojaee?

    are azizam, mohem ineh keh darsato alan bekhuni,mashghato benevisi. umm ki gofteh man hamchin karey mikonam.lmao.