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  1. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    Everyone says i look like this person...

    yuhh i guess we will never find out... your old enough to have a girlfriend...but not old enough to post a pic of yourself..lol.??.
  2. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    hi all!

    hi : D im Yas from florida.!!.
  3. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    Rate the avatar above you!

    i can only see half you face...but that half is still too sexy : D 10/10
  4. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    what are you listening to

    paris hilton turn it uppp. its not that badd.lol. :haha:
  5. YasiJoonLovesYoux33


    nananana i liked the twins. you know the ones where one would lay on the floor and the other would stand on his legs haha.omg i loved footbalista and the capitan was hella hottttt.lol.
  6. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    Hey From the UK!

    Hi!!! Really? I wish i lived in Florida hehe. The grass is always greener on the other side huh .. lol yeah.but florida you think its fun down here. but ill give up club paris/disney/universal and all that crap to live in europe. it gets boring after a while here. i swear i know universal like the back of my hand.
  7. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    Who is single in here?

    ufffffff ...honey i am yours... :dance_baby_wft: ohhh shooot. man i forgot all about youu. :haha: i dont get it.............. ummm....im glad you think thats funny.lmao. but seriously i forgot about youu. Hmm.. i guess too much beans with salsa mexicana ummmmm i dont get it.............
  8. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    .......Today i smiled because........

    my mom tripped and she fell haha.omg it was great. :DD
  9. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    Marriage Ag

    ummm exactly 29. :dance_baby_wft:
  10. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    Hey From the UK!

    hello. i wish i lived in europe.... :DD
  11. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    Damn to Hezbollah & All their followers

    i agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  12. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    Farsi word association thread

    anteeck. haha. shooloogh.
  13. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    Words Association Game

    charts.lol. umm... sphyco.
  14. YasiJoonLovesYoux33

    I Feel Like...

    i feel like sneeking out...but i cant cause i got alarm now.
  15. YasiJoonLovesYoux33


    :DD :clap2: :bl :DD youve got to be kidding .... ummm....excuse mee...no im dead serious lol. :punishing_wft: